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Equity and Justice Statement

The UW Interdisciplinary Honors Program brings together curious and motivated people to work in a supportive community of undergraduate students, faculty and staff. Honors fosters an environment grounded in ethics of intersectional equity, diversity, and justice for advanced and socially-engaged intellectual growth, and as a foundation for life-long learning. We believe racial and social equity and an understanding of power dynamics are fundamental and a foundation for ethical academic engagement. We hold ourselves accountable to be a better and stronger Honors Program with equity, diversity and justice threaded throughout everything we do, including our curriculum, academic policies and programs, student services, events and admissions.

We recognize that “…in order to support and sustain diversity and equity at the UW, as well as in the local, regional and global communities we serve, we must directly confront bias and racism at the individual, institutional and systemic levels” (UW Race and Equity Initiative). We see this work as vital and as part of ongoing institutional transformation in the context of the historically white University of Washington.

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Equity, diversity, and inclusion work for racial and social justice is part of everything we do. Here are just a few highlights of the people and stories reflecting our values.


When you’re talking about UW Honors you are really talking about a community of purpose, made up of thousands of thoughtful, curious people who care about the world in countless ways. Here are just a few recent examples of how the people in our community are showing up to lead important conversations about equity, identity and society.


Our course offerings continually evolve, led by world-class UW faculty and community leaders, locally and internationally, whose contributions to equity and inclusion across systems and attitudes that shape our culture. While designing our interdisciplinary curriculum, we place special emphasis on social justice, racial equity, critical community engagement, reflection, analyses of intersectional power and other transformative questions.

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We seek students who are eager to think in complex ways about big global challenges, challenge themselves to take risks along the way, and act in the world through the lens of their own diverse experiences.

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Honors Intersectional Equity & Justice Workgroup

Our workgroup understands concepts of equity and justice in broad terms, including, but not limited to socially constructed understandings of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, class, and other areas of social equality. We value diverse experiences and perspectives, we strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments and promote access, opportunity, and justice for all. We understand this work as an ongoing process.

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