University of Washington Honors Program

Honors Intersectional Equity and Justice Workgroup

Our workgroup understands concepts of equity and justice in broad terms, including, but not limited to socially constructed understandings of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, class, and other areas of social equality. We value diverse experiences and perspectives, we strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments and promote access, opportunity, and justice for all. We understand this work as an ongoing process. 

The workgroup is charged to:

  • Create and cultivate an environment that enables students, faculty, and staff to feel safe, respected, and self-empowered;
  • Create and promote opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to enhance their understanding and sensitivity of diversity, identity, and accessibility;
  • Promote the hiring and retention of diverse staff and faculty who research and teach diverse curricula;
  • Promote recruiting and success of underrepresented students; and
  • Transparently communicate our ongoing work to expand race equity and social justice in the UW Honors Program.

If you have questions about our equity and diversity work, please contact

Current Members:

  • Tory Brundage (co-chair), College of Education (Leadership and Policy), Brotherhood Initiative
  • Rachel Chapman, Associate Professor, Anthropology (GWSS and Global Health)
  • Wintana Eyob, UW Honors Alumni, Informatics
  • Brook Kelly, UW Honors, Lead Academic Advisor 
  • Michelle Habell-Pallán, Professor, GWSS (Music and Communication)
  • Nisha Nariya, UW Honors Alum, Attorney at Perkins Coie
  • Reem Sabha, UW Honors Alum, Assistant Director of Development, UW Natural Sciences
  • Stephanie Smallwood, Honors Director, Associate Professor, History
  • Brandon Wu, UW Honors Student, Neuroscience
  • Joyce Yen, Director, UW ADVANCE Engineering, Honors Council member
  • Carey Christie, UW Honors, Assistant Director of PR and Communications