Juliana Villegas

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Juliana Villegas

Juliana Villegas

Associate Director



Here in Honors I… coordinate the curriculum & recruit faculty from across campus and within the local and international communities. I am also lead in coordinating & managing international programs in Honors, so I develop (and teach!) study abroad programs. I also teach Honors 496, and am affiliate faculty in the English Department.

I like thinking about & studying… comparative global critical mixed race and border studies research related to immigration and migration. I think about international education and the importance of learning about other cultures as we learn about our own culture, and how one informs the other. I also enjoy writing both poetry and prose.

My first week in college… was at the University of New Mexico and, being a first-generation student, I was afraid I’d say the wrong thing and expose my ignorance. I remained very quiet the first semester – but second semester I took my first English class. I found my voice in that American Literature course.

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