Laura H. Marquez

UW Honors Staff

Laura H. Marquez

Laura H. Marquez

Graduate Student Assistant


Here in Honors… I work at the front desk to get folks connected with the people, tools, and support resources they need.  I also help with special projects and I assist in the facilitation of Honors 496.

I like thinking about… equity and social justice.  I’m a work in progress and consistently interrogating my role in injustice and power systems.  To feed my heart I am always looking for new ways to take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  From camping and hiking or playing in my garden, I really cannot be long from the outdoors.  Every summer you can find me harvesting fruit and herbs from my garden or the surplus of friends and family to create sweet concoctions that will sustain my family and friends through the winter.

My first week in college… was nerve wracking.  I had a serious case of imposter syndrome and I was sure someone was going to quickly realize I did not belong.  My first year of college was full of tough lessons and challenges.  I wasn’t ready to be there yet, but I never let go of the dream.  When I came back to college 8 years later I had a lot of life lessons under my belt and I was ready to get back up on that horse.  I graduated cum laude and with a degree that was truly right for me.

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