AP & IB Credit Guidelines

How Your Credits May Translate

Many of our incoming Honors freshmen arrive with college credit earned through AP tests, IB exams, or Running Start courses. These credits may count toward some of your General Education requirements:

However, these credits cannot be used toward completion of the Honors Core requirements (which overlap the UW’s Areas of Knowledge/Areas of Inquiry requirements); instead, they will likely fulfill your General Elective requirements.

Generally, students entering the University with less than 45 of these types of credits will still choose to participate in the Interdisciplinary Honors or College Honors tracks. However, if a student has completed the majority of their general education requirements (45-90 credits) or earned an associates degree, Departmental Honors may be the best option for them. Students in this situation should meet with an Honors Adviser to discuss their options in more detail.

For the University of Washington Advanced Placement Credit Policies:

For the University of Washington International Baccalaureate Policies: