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If you want to be a resource to Honors Program students and graduates, OR you need some advice or connections of your own,  join the Honors Alumni Network! Alumni who join our network visit classes, lead trips and events, and act as a resource to current students, faculty, staff, and one another.

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

 – George Elliot

Be a mentor

Alumni Mentors are more than just professional successes to emulate. They are authentic humans whose attention helps students thrive and connect to the world beyond our University. Honors mentorships are informal opportunities to build skills, relationships, and perspectives that are rich in variety and uniquely suited to the people who choose to show up.

Students love connecting with alumni, yet often it is recent graduates who can use the most help from mentors: preparing for grad school, relocating to new cities, setting up informational interviews and building their professional networks.

Come to class

Photo of alumni Presenters in HONORS 496

Alumni presenters Michelle Burce and Stephen Miller in Honors 496, 2016

Students benefit from the life stories of alumni from all backgrounds in our series “Life After College.” Graduates from different decades and degree programs visit upperclassmen in our capstone portfolio course, Honors 496, to answer questions like “What’s the best way to figure out when it’s time to go to graduate school?” and “How do you find time for sleep?”

 “There is no right way, there is only YOUR way. And it will continue to evolve.” – Stephen Miller


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