Honors Community Ambassadors

Become an Honors Community Ambassador!

Honors Community Ambassador Initiatives 

  • Strengthen the Honors community through leadership, programming, and volunteering for various Honors initiatives
  • Increase and deepen social connections amongst Honors students and recognize the students investing in this community
  • Provide opportunities for students participating in this program to gain leadership experience

 Who are Honors Community Ambassadors and What Do They Do?

Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs) are current Interdisciplinary and Departmental Honors Students that want to give back to and further deepen the community in the Honors Program. They take this leadership opportunity to the next level by becoming a regular volunteer at large Honors events, organizing small scale social events for other Honors students, managing the UW Honors Instagram and more! All Interdisciplinary and Departmental Honors Program students have the opportunity to become an Honors Community Ambassador.

Examples of ways to get involved as an HCA:

  • Create an Honors Student Leader profile and respond to questions from prospective and current students (required)
  • Volunteer for our prospective and admitted student Q&A sessions (autumn and spring quarters)
  • Volunteer for our other Honors hosted events (global challenges, graduation, etc.)
  • Create and host an event for Honors Students
  • Create content for the Honors Instagram
  • Special projects with Honors Staff 
  • Other (HCAs often come up with new ways to improve and contribute to the Honors Program. If you have an idea.. participate as an HCA!) 

Follow the HCAs on Instagram @UWHonorsProgram

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What’s Expected of an Honors Community Ambassador and How Do I Get Involved?

HCAs are required to attend all quarterly meetings. Meetings for the 2020-2021 academic year will be the first Thursday of every month from 5-6pm with the exception of the first meeting of the quarter which will be from 4:30-6:30pm. The first meeting of the quarter from 4-4:30 is dedicated to new HCAs, those who did not participate in previous quarters. The rest of the meeting, as well as the second and third meeting of the quarter, is mostly used for planning and getting to know each other. HCAs are leaders of the Honors community and as such, are expected to be a knowledgeable and positive representatives of the Honors Program. HCAs are required to complete an online training and submit an Honors Student Leader Profile before the second meeting of the quarter they are participating in. In addition to participating in the meetings and submitting a Student Leader profile, we expect our HCA’s to participate in some sort of capacity outside of the meetings (see the list above for examples of ways you can participate as an HCA). 

Because your schedules change quarterly, participation as an HCA is on a quarterly basis. It is very common for HCA’s to participate one quarter, have a time conflict the following quarter, then begin participating again the next quarter.

The first step to getting involved as an HCA is RSVPing to the first meeting of the quarter. The first meeting of every quarter is announced via the uwhonors@uw.edu email. After the first meeting of the quarter, meeting reminders and follow ups will only be sent to the group of students who RSVP’d to and attended the first meeting. If you haven’t participated in previous quarters but would like to participate in future quarters, all you need to do is RSVP and show up to the first meeting of the quarter.

Annual Information Session:

Participation as an HCA is on a quarterly basis, however our info session only happens in the autumn. If you’re interested in participating as an HCA during any quarter in the 2020-2021 academic year, we highly encourage you attend this information session.

  • Tuesday, 9/29 from 4:00-5:00pm

If this session date has already passed or you cannot make this date & time and you have questions about participating as an HCA, please get in touch with one of our Student Leaders or simply RSVP and attend the first meeting of the quarter.

RSVP For the Annual Information Session (Required to Receive Zoom Link)

2020-2021 HCA Meeting Schedule and RSVP!

RSVP For the First Meeting of the Current Quarter (required to receive zoom link)

Autumn Quarter Date & Time (Thursdays) Agenda
Meeting 1 October 8th *4-6pm Get to Know Each Other & Create Events & Delegate Responsibilities
Meeting 2 November 5th 4-5pm Mid-Quarter Check-in and End of Quarter Planning
Meeting 3 December 3rd 4-5pm Quarterly Wrap Up & Future Planning
Winter Quarter Date & Time (Thursdays) Agenda
Meeting 1 January 7th *4:30-6:30pm

Get to Know Each Other & Create Events & Delegate Responsibilities

Meeting 2 February 4th 5-6pm Mid-Quarter Check-in and End of Quarter Planning
Meeting 3 March 4th 5-6pm Quarterly Wrap Up & Future Planning
Spring Quarter Date & Time (Thursdays) Agenda
Meeting 1 April 1st *4:30-6:30 pm Get to Know Each Other & Create Events & Delegate Responsibilities
Meeting 2 May 6th 5-6pm Mid-Quarter Check-in and End of Quarter Planning
Meeting 3 June 3rd 5-6pm Quarterly Wrap Up & Future Planning

* Only new HCAs need to attend from 4-4:30, as we will be reviewing the program and expectations. This portion of the meeting is required for anyone who wishes to join the program, and is not required for returning HCAs. Returning HCAs should join at 5PM. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Cant Attend one or all Meetings?

Missing Meetings: Participation in the HCA meetings is what makes up the bulk of the community building within the HCA group and where the majority of our planning and coordination happens. If you cannot commit to the three meetings within the quarter, we ask that you participate in a future quarter when your schedule can accommodate the meetings. If you a miss a meeting you will not be sent the zoom link for the next meeting. To receive the zoom link for the first meeting of the quarter, be sure to RSVP above. If there is an emergency or unique circumstance that causes you to miss a meeting, please reach out to Nadra (fredjn@uw.edu).

Stay Involved:  If you would still like to participate in our events please RSVP to the “First Meeting of the Quarter” form and select “I can’t make it to the meetings but I would like to be considered for volunteer opportunities”. If our HCA’s are in need of extra volunteers for any events you will be the first group they reach out to.

I Need to Leave the Meeting Early or Late

If your time conflict is less than 10 minutes, please send Nadra (fredjn@uw.edu) an email to let her know you will be arriving late or leaving early. If the time conflict is greater than 10 minutes we will consider it a missed meeting, please see the response to the question “What If I Can’t Make It to a Meeting?” above.

Who Can Participate?

All Departmental or Interdisciplinary Honors students. If you are in Interdisciplinary Honors and currently on academic probation or have been transferred out of the program but plan on returning once eligible, you are welcome to participate! 

What Is the Commitment Like?

In addition to participating in the meetings and submitting a Student Leader profile, we expect our HCA’s to participate in some sort of capacity outside of the meetings. This additional participation can be as simple as volunteering for a Q&A session or as involved as creating and hosting an event. The HCA group is intentionally a challenge by choice, pick your adventure, type of group in order to allow students the flexibility to adjust their participation quarterly depending on how busy their current schedule is. At the bare minimum, HCA’s are expected to commit to the meetings (4 hours over the course of the quarter), complete the Student Leader training/ create a Student Leader profile (you only will do this the first quarter you participate as an HCA, average one-time, time commitment of 2 hours), and engage in some other capacity with our Instagram, volunteer opportunities, or event planning (average range of 1-10 hours a quarter). 

Can I Earn Experiential Learning Credit?

Experiential Learning activities must extend for at least one quarter after being officially approved and involve at least 20 hours. Because the HCA time commitment can range anywhere from 5 – 20+ hours, you will need to show significant initiative to earn experiential learning credit for participating as an HCA. At the bare minimum you must serve as a lead of a large or reoccurring event or create a substantial project that aligns with the HCA mission and participate for at least two quarters. If you are interested in experiential learning credit please get in touch with Nadra (fredjn@uw.edu) by sending her your proposal. In your proposal please respond to these prompts: 1) Summarize your proposed HCA event, initiative or project 2) Explain the work and time commitment involved 3) Explain how this event, initiative or project connects with the larger goals of the HCA program. *This information applies to Interdisciplinary Honors Students only, if you are a Departmental Honors Student and have some sort of extracurricular requirement you may be eligible to satisfy it through participating as an HCA. If interested, email Nadra (fredjn@uw.edu) with a link to your program requirement. 

Still Have Questions?

Contact Nadra Fredj at fredjn@uw.edu.