Honors Community Ambassadors

Mission Statement

  • Strengthen the Honors community through leadership, programming, and volunteering for various Honors initiatives
  • Increase and deepen social connections amongst Honors students and recognize the students investing in this community
  • Provide opportunities for students participating in this program to gain leadership experience and professional development

Who are Honors Community Ambassadors?

Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs) are current students in the UW Interdisciplinary Honors Program.

Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs) are first and foremost Honors Peer Mentors that take this leadership opportunity to the next level by becoming a regular volunteer at large Honors events, organizing small scale social events for other Honors students, recognizing students through the UW Honors Instagram and more! All Interdisciplinary Honors Program students have the opportunity to become an Honors Community Ambassadors.

What’s Expected of Honors Community Ambassadors?

Honors Community Ambassadors are expected to fulfill all the expectations of a Peer Mentor with the additional commitment of supporting and creating community building initiatives. HCAs are expected to regularly attend and support the Honors program’s various events, create smaller, social programming for peers, and attend monthly meetings. HCA meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month from 5:00-6:00pm and are used to plan community building initiatives. HCAs will be leaders of the Honors community and as such, are expected to be a knowledgeable and positive representative of the Honors Program.

2018-2019 Honors Community Ambassadors (picture coming soon!):

Upcoming HCA Events

  • Finals Flapjacks: Friday June 7th time TBA
  • HCA Info Session: Wednesday, September 25th 5-6pm (tentative)
  • HCA Info Session: Monday, September 30th 1-2pm (tentative)
  • First Meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd 5-6pm

Past HCA Events

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming an HCA, please contact Claire Grant at claireag@uw.edu.

Follow us on Instagram @UWHonorsProgram

Previous HCA Cohorts

2017-18 HCAs
2017-2018 Honors Community Ambassadors

Kyanna BrenKiran Singh, Noah Johnson, Jenna Truong, Lia Johansen, Gabriel Kornas, Jennifer Vo, Siddhant Jain, Christine Dien, Sarina Sandhu, Abby von Hagel, Forrest Miller, Nola Peshkin