Honors Community Ambassadors

Become an Honors Community Ambassador!


Meets will still be held the first Thursday of each month, but from 6-7pm. If this your first quarter participating as an HCA for the 2019-2020 academic year please RSVP here to be sent the zoom link for the first meeting. 

  • April 2nd, 6-7pm
  • May 7th, 6-7pm
  • June 4th, 6-7pm

Mission Statement:

  • Strengthen the Honors community through leadership, programming, and volunteering for various Honors initiatives
  • Increase and deepen social connections amongst Honors students and recognize the students investing in this community
  • Provide opportunities for students participating in this program to gain leadership experience and professional development

Who are Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs)?

Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs) are current Honors Students that want to give back to and further deepen the community in the Honors Program. They take this leadership opportunity to the next level by becoming a regular volunteer at large Honors events, organizing small scale social events for other Honors students, managing the UW Honors Instagram and more! All Interdisciplinary Honors Program students have the opportunity to become an Honors Community Ambassador.

What’s Expected of Honors Community Ambassadors?

HCAs are expected to regularly attend and support the Honors Program’s various events, create smaller, social programming for peers, and attend monthly meetings. Meetings for the 2019-2020 academic year will be the first Thursday of every month from 4-5pm (NEW SPRING 2020 MEETING TIME see above!). and are used to plan community building initiatives. HCAs will be leaders of the Honors community and as such, are expected to be a knowledgeable and positive representatives of the Honors Program and serve as Honors Student Leaders by creating an Honors Student Leader Profile.

HCA Events

See upcoming HCA events on the Honors Event Calendar! 

How to Get Involved

Because your schedules change quarterly, participation as an HCA is on a quarterly basis. It is very common for HCA’s to participate one quarter, have a time conflict the following quarter, then begin participating again the next.

The first step to getting involved as an HCA is showing up to the first meeting of the quarter. The first meeting of every quarter is announced via the mass mailer and sent to all Interdisciplinary Honors Students. After the first meeting, meeting reminders and follow ups will only be sent to the group of students who attend the first meeting.

Questions? Contact Claire Grant at claireag@uw.edu.