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In Honors since: 2020

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

About me: Hey, I'm Julia! I'm a double major in English Language and Literature and Journalism and Public Interest Communication, and minoring in Korean. I also participated in the Humanities First program as a freshman. You can find me on campus writing articles for The Daily and helping build community at SPJ UW and Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)! In my free time I love reading coming-of-age novels and 19th century women's lit, practicing Korean, and singing. I'd love to chat with you about anything Honors-related or about UW in general, especially studying the humanities, studying abroad, finding community, and balancing Honors with a double major. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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General area(s) of study: Humanities, Social Sciences

Current or intended majors: English literature and language, Journalism and Public Interest Communication

Current or intended minors: Korean

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: HUM 101/102/103 or the Humanities First sequence; HONORS 212 B: Ways of Meaning; HONORS 212 D: Russian Big Books; KOREAN 134/2xx series/3xx series; intro English literature and JPIC classes

I would be willing to tutor other Honors students in following courses/subjects: HONORS 212 B: Ways of Meaning; KOREAN 134; KOREAN 201-203; COM 200

Housing Experience

  • Other Residence Halls/Other Student Housing


Study Abroad: Exchange program in South Korea (fall 2022)

Volunteering/Service: DAWGS Crew (2021), Dawg Daze Leader (2021), RUF UW Flourish (student leadership team)

Leadership: Recruitment Coordinator for Honors Peer Mentoring Program, SPJ UW Vice President

Clubs/RSOs: Society of Professional Journalists UW chapter (SPJ UW), Voyage UW (student-run travel magazine)

Internships: Pulley Press Administrative Lead intern, University Marketing & Communications intern

Campus Jobs: Staff writer for The Daily (campus newspaper)

Scholarships: English Department scholarships (John Kimball Woolley, Luckie Budd Waller); FLAS for Korean (denied)

Student Leadership Participation