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In Honors since: 2020

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Pronouns: she/her

About me: Hi! My name is Abby and I'm a College (Interdisciplinary + Departmental) Honors student. Outside of classes, I research vaccine development at Institute for Protein Design in the Biochemistry Department on campus and enjoy running around Seattle as President of the Husky Running Club. I can answer questions you have about Honors, STEM at UW, research, extracurriculars, and life in the Pacific Northwest (especially hiking recs).

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Biochemistry

Current or intended minors: Chemistry, Data Science

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: Honors General Chemistry, Honors Organic Chemistry, Honors Biochemistry, Intro Physics, Intro Biology Honors 394 A (Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity), Honors 231 (Revealing the Unequal Burden of COVID-19: Structural Racism and the Social Determinants of Health)

Housing Experience

  • Off-Campus Housing


Research: Biochemistry, evolutionary biology, and biomedical research

Leadership: Undergraduate Research Leaders, Husky Running Club Officer, Honors Community Ambassador, Honors Peer Mentor, Biology Students for Equity

Clubs/RSOs: Husky Running Club, Husky Triathlon Club, Biology Students for Equity

Student Leadership Participation

Current Peer Educator: 2023