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In Honors since: 2021

Hometown: Issaquah, Wash.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

About me: My name is Ava, and I am studying Sociology, History, and Public Policy. I am particularly passionate about the sociology of stigma, moral panics, and deviance, as well as the history of housing policy and community health. I joined UW Honors because of the opportunity to have engaging, in-depth discussions of topics across disciplines within a smaller network of peers on campus. Honors has truly become my "home base" on campus, and I'm so excited to lead HONORS 100 to introduce incoming students to that same sense of community. I am originally from Issaquah, WA, a suburb about thirty minutes east of campus. I was part of the Honors LLC in Terry my freshman year, and now live with three roommates off-campus. I have been an Honors Peer Educator since my freshman year, and am involved in history and public policy research on campus. Outside of UW, I work in civil rights enforcement. When I'm not at my computer, you can find me watching hockey, crocheting and knitting, or exploring the city. I love trying new coffee and food spots with friends, so if you're in need of recommendations, look no further! I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences, so feel free to reach out with any questions or just to chat. :)

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General area(s) of study: Social Sciences, Humanities

Current or intended majors: Sociology, History: Race, Gender, and Power

Current or intended minors: Public Policy

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: HONORS 231: Gender, Diplomacy, and Human Rights HSTAA 213: History of the American Presidency SOC 230: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the United States HSTAM 231: Race, Identity, and the Ancient Mediterranean World HSTLAC 185: Race, Gender, and Class in Latin America PUBPOL 201: Intro to Public Policy SOC 300: Foundations of Social Inquiry HONORS 231: Western Civilization HSTAS 265: The Viet Nam Wars SOC 221: Statistics for Social Sciences

Housing Experience

  • Honors Living and Learning Community (LLC)
  • Off-Campus Housing


Research: Finding opportunities, literature review, content analysis, oral histories; Topics: HIV/AIDS activism, public health messaging

Volunteering/Service: University District Food Bank

Leadership: Honors Peer Educator Program; Lead Peer Educator

Internships: Finding opportunities, balancing time commitment, service/policy-based, housing and employment law; Employer: Seattle Office for Civil Rights

Student Leadership Participation

Current Peer Educator: 2021-2022, 2022-2023