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In Honors since: 2023

Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About me: Hello, I'm Xiaofeng Zhu, but I also go by Jessica. I am a senior at the University of Washington, Seattle, majoring in Communication with departmental honors and minoring in Entrepreneurship. My academic journey includes engaging in two distinct undergraduate research projects: one in Communication and another in Marketing. Each project reflects my keen interest in applying these disciplines to innovative sustainability practices. As the Vice President of External Relations for the American Marketing Association's UW chapter and a Student Development Coordinator Intern and Teaching Assistant at the Foster School of Business, I've significantly developed my leadership and strategic thinking skills. Beyond academia, I am an entrepreneur who runs a tea shop, an independent exhibitor with experience in holding five national-level exhibitions, and a marketer passionate about blending sustainable practices with a global perspective into data-driven strategies. In life, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and painting. If you're interested in discussing topics related to communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, or if you simply want to exchange travel stories and recipes, please feel free to reach out via email or meet in person. I'm always eager to connect and learn from others!

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General area(s) of study: Social Sciences, Business

Current or intended majors: Communication

Current or intended minors: Entrepreneurship

I would be willing to talk about the following courses/subjects: Departmental Honors in Communications COM 496, COM 497

I would be willing to tutor other Honors students in following courses/subjects: Departmental Honors in Communications COM 496, COM 497

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Study Abroad: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research: Independent Marketing Research Project: "The Future of Luxury Fashion Sustainability: A Comprehensive Analysis and Proposal" (Advisor: Dr. Shi Chen)

Volunteering/Service: Refugee Artisan Initiative (Marketing and Communication Coordinator, Internship)

Leadership: VP of External Relations, American Marketing Association

Departmental Honors: Communications

Clubs/RSOs: VP of External Relations, American Marketing Association

Internships: Meta, WPP, Boatsetter, Aflac

Campus Jobs: Teaching Assistant & Student Leadership Development Coordinator, Foster Leadership Academy, Foster School of Business

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