Honors Peer Mentors

Roles and Expectations

Who are Peer Mentors?

Peer mentors are students in the University Honors Program interested in helping incoming and current Honors students as they navigate their college experience by being available to answer questions. Any Honors student is eligible to be a Peer Mentor and anyone can have a Peer Mentor — or more!

Peer Mentors play an important role in the Honors Program by sharing their experiences and helping students of all years and majors make decisions throughout their undergraduate careers. As an Honors Peer Mentor, you’ll be contacted by prospective and current Honors students who have questions about the University experience as well as your experiences in the Honors Program. Common subjects peer mentors discuss include: choosing a major, minoring, double-majoring, suggestions for good classes, study abroad experiences, how to apply for scholarships/internships/jobs, etc.

Peer Mentors’ short bios and contact information will be posted on the Honors website. This is a publicly listed page, and is meant to invite both prospective and current students to contact you.  It is up to you to decide how you wish to be contacted.  Options include being contacted via: phone, email, social media, or in person. While this is not a requirement, many peer mentors enjoy meeting prospective and current students for coffee or giving informal tours.
Students are expected and required to attend a training before their profile is listed and they become official Peer Mentors.  This training will help you solidify your professional skills and ensure that you know what your responsibilities as a Peer Mentor entail.

After you attend the training, your profile will be listed on our website.  If a student contacts you, we expect you to respond within 3 business days, committing to provide your perspective and guidance.  If you receive a question you don’t know how to answer, the Honors Staff are here to help.  If you feel overwhelmed by the number of students contacting you or the questions you’re receiving, you can opt out of mentoring at any time by contacting uwhonors@uw.edu, and we’ll remove your contact information from the website.
Peer Mentoring can be a small commitment or a much larger one depending on your involvement and the number of students who choose to seek you out.

Where do I sign up?

Sorry, we are not accepting new applications at this time.