Peer Mentors List

The Honors Program has a team of dedicated academic advisers who can find an answer to any question you send their way. But when you have a question about what college life is like, which dorm is the coolest, or where you should buy your textbooks, you may want to ask a current Honors student. That’s why we started the Honors Peer Mentoring program.

As a service to all of our invited and current students, we have recruited Peer Mentors to help answer your questions from a student’s perspective. Our Peer Mentors are a fun group, spanning all different majors and interests. Find out more about them by browsing their profiles below, or, if you have specific questions, use the options below to narrow your search to someone with the expertise you need. All our Mentors have volunteered their time and knowledge specifically to help you become more familiar with and excited about Honors and the UW, so please make use of them!

Use the checkboxes below to limit the list to Mentors who have indicated an interest/participation in that category.

Note: The names in each interest group are displayed in random order to avoid overwhelming any particular student. A Peer Mentor may request that his/her profile be removed if he/she is receiving a large number of emails.