Mentoring FAQ

Honors Peer Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure what I should say when I first contact my mentees – do you have any suggestions?

In their letter of invitation to the Honors Program, prospective students are informed that they will be contacted by their Peer Mentor, so your email or phone call won’t be totally out of the blue. A good way to start is to simply congratulate them on their acceptance to the Honors Program. After all, it’s an achievement. Then, give them a little bit of information about yourself (i.e. name, major, email, phone, hobbies, major activities) – something to spur more conversations. Finally, let them know that you’re here to help them and they should feel free to contact you with any questions or concerns they might have. If you feel so inspired, maybe invite them to campus for a cup of coffee and a chat or for an informal tour. It’s really up to you, but those are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

The students contacting you are those who have been invited to join the Honors Program, which means that they have not necessarily chosen to accept this invitation or even to attend the University of Washington. Generally, we find that many students are very excited about the opportunity to connect with a real-life UW Honors student. However, some students may not be at a point where they are ready to talk a Peer Mentor. Others may have already decided to attend college elsewhere. Still others prefer to handle things on their own and may not be interested in talking to a Peer Mentor.

I’m getting overloaded with emails from prospective students!

If this happens, just contact our Peer Mentoring Coordinator at and we’ll temporarily remove your profile from the list.

I’ve been asked about the Honors Summer Advising & Registration Sessions – how are those different from the regular UW sessions? Do they have to sign up for both?

Honors Summer Advising & Registration Sessions are the exact same sessions that students can register for with the general UW Admissions Office. In order to better serve its students, the Honors Program has requested that a number of spaces be reserved in these sessions, particularly the early ones. This gives Honors students a better shot at getting oriented and registered early in the process. In these reserved sessions, students are introduced to the university, learn about the Honors curriculum and how it relates to UW’s general studies requirement, meet with the Honors staff, and plan/register for their first-quarter at UW.

How do I contact other Peer Mentors?

You can find a complete list of Peer Mentors and their bios on the Peer Mentors List page.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at