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Year at UW: Third

Hometown: Pullman, WA; Shanghai

About me: I'm a science fanatic, a history buff, and over caffeinated teaching assistant just trying to make my way through life. If relevant to you, nameless reader, I'm also a Capricorn & ENFP personality type. This means I'm supposed to be enthusiastic, creative, and a sociable free spirit. Let me know what you think? Living in New York, Shanghai, and Pullman, I have experienced culture shock, counter culture shock, and the struggle of running start/AP credit transfers. Out-of-state, in-state, and international students, I've got your back! Send all your comments and concerns to me.

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In Person: E-mail me for a time to meet up!


General area(s) of study: Humanities, Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: History & Microbiology

I'd be willing to talk about/tutor the following courses/subjects: Business Major pre-requisites Honors Natural Science Classes.

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing


Study Abroad: Rome, Italy

Volunteering/Service: Dream Project

Leadership: Volunteer Lead, TA for Education, Honors Peer Educator, Peer Mentor, Research Team Lead, Editor of UW Microbiology Journal

Internships: Accounting/HR Internship, Svoboda Diaries Project

Scholarships: Study Abroad