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Year at UW: First

Hometown: Whittier

About me: Hey guys! My name is Caroline Wigner, and I'm from Southern California. California has been my home for my whole life until this past summer when a bunch of shipments from Target were delivered to my dorm. I am enjoying my freshman year of college in the Pacific Northwest. It is a totally new experience being in Seattle rather than Los Angeles, and I absolutely love it! I like taking math and the constantly changing honors courses. Autumn quarter I took Writing About Music where we reviewed and analyzed music selections of our choice. I found this class so engaging since we were allowed to write about the music that most interested us. This year I am a member of Honors Community Ambassadors and I am currently in the last stage to become a Resident Adviser for 2019-2020. I hope they hire me for next year, so fingers crossed! Besides school, I enjoy cooking, movie/spa nights, exploring downtown Seattle, and hiking. I'd be happy to meet with anyone to talk about honors or the life of a UW student. Let me know if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you :)

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By Phone: (562)706-6972


In Person: feel free to contact me if you want to meet


General area(s) of study: Engineering

Current or intended majors: Civil Engineering

Current or intended minors: Germanics

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing


Leadership: Honors Community Ambassadors

Campus Jobs: In the process to become an RA