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Year at UW: First

Hometown: Seattle, WA

About me: Hello everybody! I am a current freshman in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program looking to be a STEM major (I know, very broad). I've loved my experience with the Honors classes I've taken, even if they didn't (at first) seem related to the standard science and math classes I'm used to. I've thoroughly enjoyed the small class discussions and the connections I've made throughout my time in the Honors Program. I would love to chat with anyone wondering about my experience with the interdisciplinary classes along with the amount of required classes for STEM majors. Also, if you need another opinion from a fellow student, don't hesitate to reach out!

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General area(s) of study: Pre-Health

Current or intended majors: Chemistry

I'd be willing to talk about/tutor the following courses/subjects: I'm willing to chat about most STEM classes, especially the beginning prerequisite series such as the chemistry, calculus, and physics series.

Housing Experience

  • Off-Campus Housing


Volunteering/Service: Daycare Assistant

Clubs/RSOs: MSA, Pre-health RSO for minorities

Internships: UW Neurological Summer Student Program

Scholarships: Honors scholarships, outside sources, etc.