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Year at UW: Second

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

About me: I'm an ecology, evolution, and conservation biology major, minoring in Arctic studies, with an appreciation for plants and polar bears. If you want to learn about getting involved on campus, I'm the semi-extroverted science major for you. I'm a run leader on Husky Running Club, a volunteer at the Burke Herbarium, an assistant director on my hall council, and am spending a quarter at Friday Harbor Labs doing research, as well as a summer in Costa Rica. I mostly spend my time running or sketching, and I love the cold like a fish loves the ocean.

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General area(s) of study: Natural Sciences

Current or intended majors: Ecology, evolution, and conservation biology

Current or intended minors: Arctic studies

I'd be willing to talk about/tutor the following courses/subjects: Biology, Fisheries, Oceanography, Arctic Studies

Housing Experience

  • Honors Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • Other Student Housing


Study Abroad: Summer Study Abroad through Honors

Research: Finding research, getting involved, networking nonsense

Volunteering/Service: Volunteering on campus

Leadership: Hall Council and student leadership on campus

Clubs/RSOs: Running Club

Campus Jobs: Working for HFS