Peer Educators 2019

Meet the 2018 Peer Educators!

Peer Educators 2019
Peer Educators attend an overnight retreat in the spring to Pack Forrest, a UW owned conference center just outside Mount Rainer National Park.

About Honors 100 Peer Educators

Honors Peer Educators (PEs) are leaders in the Honors community by teaching a section of the Honors 100 seminar. They are integral in welcoming, mentoring, and informing incoming Honors students. PEs share insights about and experiences with Honors curriculum, community, and resources with new students.

In addition to leading an Honors 100 section, during both Spring and Autumn quarters, Honors 100 PEs meet weekly with one another and with the Honors 100 instructors to develop their courses collaboratively and to discuss important questions and challenges related to teaching and mentoring. These meetings provide a supportive environment to discuss openly the successes and challenges of leading Honors 100 sections.

Meet the 2019 Peer Educators!

Elaine – Section AA

Hi everyone! My name is Elaine and I am a senior here at UW. I have been at UW since my sophomore year- I spent my freshman year and part of my sophomore year at NYU before transferring. I am a psychology major, with a minor in Education, Learning and Society, and someday I hope to work in higher education, either as a professor or an administrator. This is my first year being a peer educator and I am so excited to get more involved with both the Honors and campus communities. Beyond Honors, I am also a member of Pi Beta Phi, currently serving as the VP of Member Development, and I am also involved in my Departmental Honors program. In my free time, I love to go to Mariners games (although I’m a Cubs fan at heart), but most of the time you can find me studying somewhere near campus! A few fun facts about me are that I have been skydiving, I like cats more than dogs (controversial, I know), and if I had a pet bunny I would name him Timothy. I’m so excited to get to know everyone in the fall, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions not just about Honors, but anything related to college life!

Megan – Section AB

Hello! My name is Megan, and I am currently a Sophomore studying Political Science and Law, Societies, and Justice. I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in Camas, Washington. I am very excited to be a Peer Educator and help welcome you to Honors and to UW! I am involved in a few student leadership positions on campus, including the Residential Programming Board and Hall Council, so if you have questions about getting involved I am happy to answer them! I also love spending time on campus, going to events, and exploring the city and surrounding area. I enjoy eating Thai food, watching Netflix, kayaking, art, and traveling. I also love my dog, an Australian Shepherd named Rita. Some of my favorite TV shows are Parks and RecGame of ThronesStranger Things, and Brooklyn 99, all of which I’d love to talk about! I can’t wait to get to know you all, and I look forward to meeting each of you!

Kiran – Section AC

Hi lovelies, welcome to UW! My name is Kiran, and I’m so excited to meet y’all! I’m a sophomore studying Political Science and Law, Societies, and Justice.

I’m the president of a pre-law fraternity, a leader in the residential communities through Hall Council, and an active member of many other RSOs and community organizations on campus (especially ones catered towards the Honors Program, like the Honors Community Ambassadors!). I cannot wait to share my love for interdisciplinary learning with you all and offer support in any way possible. 

A bit more about me: my happy place is listening to one of my extensively curated Spotify playlists in the sun, my bloodstream is probably 27% caffeine, I’m extremely accident-prone and have torn the same MCL twice, I adore law and politics so I’m always up for a 3am debate session, I’m creatively-inept (can’t do art or play an instrument or sing — but all of those things are SO cool), I think dogs are the most ethereal beings known to mankind, and I hope I can be a strong resource for all of you as you make your way into the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. I’m excited to help guide you through your first year at UW, and especially help you build a home through Honors. See you soon!

Madi – Section AD

Hi, I’m Madi! I am a Sophomore from Pacifica, Ca – which is 20 minutes South of San Francisco. I am currently pursuing a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences, with a minor in Environmental Studies and Education. 

My hobbies have mostly anything to do with the water! Some of my favorite activities include competitive swimming, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, and teaching swim lessons. I enjoy the simple things in life, and value quality time spent with family and friends! Oh, and did I also mention that I love road trips… they are my absolute favorite type of vacation. Along with these things, I love to garden in my free time, and have worked at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, and the UW Farm – I love to grow all different types of flowers! 

Aside from being a Peer Educator, I am the Community Outreach and Social Media Coordinator for Project Sunshine UW Chapter — which is a nonprofit organization that provides educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges. We work closely with Seattle Childrens and Ronald McDonald houses to provide these services to families. I am also a swim instructor at the IMA, and thoroughly enjoy teaching adults to overcome their fear of the water. 

I am more than excited to meet you this fall, and I can not wait to help you learn how to navigate the Honors Program! There are so many exciting things ahead! 

Helen – Section AE

Hello! I’m Helen, and I’m an Earth and Space Sciences major from Issaquah, Washington. Outside of my planetary science pursuits, I draw a lot in my free time. I do pen sketches and cartoons and particularly like to draw my friends, cats, and anything that makes people smile. I can also play guitar and I can fake my way through a respectable number of piano songs. Finally, I enjoy ballet and contemporary dance, and I’ve been involved in the Dance Student Association at UW as both a dancer and choreographer.
I’m going into my second year at UW after two years at Bellevue College through the Running Start program (college in high school). Some favorite UW memories so far: my first Toastmasters “Table Topic” speech, the geology field trips, giving my friend a drawing, volunteering for Seattle MESA Day, and being part of the first NASA L’SPACE Virtual Academy. One of my favorite sounds is the rustle of dry leaves as you crunch through them in autumn. I like the rain too and even enjoy walking in it… as I don’t get soaked!
Coming to UW was also a big adjustment, and I particularly appreciated how Interdisciplinary Honors has an emphasis on reflection and a smaller community. I’m excited to meet you in Honors 100 and be part of your journey through your first quarter in the program!

Lara – Section AG

Hey Everyone! My name is Lara O’Donoghue and I’m a Philosophy major with an intended minor in Law, Societies, and Justice (LSJ). I am from Manchester, England, and I moved to Seattle in September 2018. I am a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction, art, music and performance. In my spare time I love being with my friends writing music or watching movies and TV shows. My favorites include anything Marvel/ JK. Rowling/ Tolkien etc. and The Office/ Peep Show/ Doctor Who. I also love cats, bears and the moon so I am sure we will be able to find something to talk about from that list! I also take part in Stage Notes, a student led performing arts group here on campus, and Unleashed – the UW’s only non-audition Acapella group. At the UW I am also an Honors Community Ambassador and an Honors Peer Mentor, so I really hope I get the pleasure of meeting as many of you as possible starting in the fall! I am excited to meet all of you and share the passions I have both inside and outside of the classroom, but most importantly, help make you as excited to finally be on your journey in the Honors Program as I am!

Carmen – Section AH

Hi! My name is Carmen Pereña Cortés. I am currently in my second year at UW studying Math and potentially Applied Computational Math. I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and I’m loving Seattle as my second home. I am in the UW Comedy Club where I attempt to make people laugh with stand-up and I am also in charge of the marketing for it. I am part of a Microsoft team that created hackathons for young girls in AI. I love math, traveling, dancing, dad-jokes and lazy days watching classic movies. I plan everything but love spontaneous adventures. I am always listening to music (probably Frank Sinatra or some Spanish jam) and I am ALWAYS ready to meet someone new and start a conversation. I love being in honors since it lets me explore all the things I love from an academic, global and human perspective. I am super excited to get to know all of you. Welcome to UW, I hope this rainy city becomes your home soon. 🙂

Aliya – Section AI

Hello everyone! My name is Aliya and I’m a sophomore from Redmond, WA (just east of Lake Washington!). I’m intending to major in Neuroscience and minor in Political Science on a pre-med track. Outside of the classroom, I’m involved in and help lead various RSOs such as Design for America, Husky Experience Student Advisory Council, and Tent City Collective. I also work on various clinical research projects in head and neck surgery and am happy to answer any questions and help you find research opportunities as well! Whenever I have free time, I love to explore new restaurants (and coffee shops) around Seattle and explore/capture beautiful photos of the PNW. I also enjoy binge-watching Netflix shows such as Riverdale, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, and more. I can’t wait to meet you all this autumn and welcome you to the Honors program!

Clara – Section AJ

Hellllooo! My name is Clara Yardley and I’m a senior (don’t know how that happened) studying International Studies with a concentration in Global Health. I also have a minor in Spanish. I’m stoked to meet all of you soon, but until then, here’s a little more about me:

I still am not sure what I want to do with my life (all about the journey…), but I know I want to work with other passionate individuals towards understanding and addressing complex global issues. What that looks like exactly, we shall see! I love being adventurous and exploring new places. In the past 18 months; I’ve studied abroad in Spain and India and lived in Yellowstone National Park. I love learning about new languages, cultures and histories, and love doing it with friends and family I adore. When the Seattle weather cooperates, you can almost always find me outside. Whether I’m hiking, biking, running, camping, exploring or just simply reading or writing in a beautiful location, I’m a sucker for a good view, good weather, and good people to enjoy it with. My friends would tell you that I use the word “baby” to end sentences far too often, hit a crazy delirious place almost every night around 11, and am kind of a wildcard.

Also, really big fan of picnics and good dipping sauces.

On campus, I work for The Daily, our student newspaper here at UW, and for Disability Resources for Students. I’m also the President of a new RSO—Seattle Outreach Impact Lab (sly plug to join…). This is my second time being a peer educator. Honors has been my favorite part of my academic career at UW so far, and I’m so excited to share more about why with you all. Cheers!

Raveena – Section AK

Raveena Bhui

Hi gang! My name is Raveena, and I am in my second year at UW and this is my second go at being a Peer Educator. I’m getting a dual degree in biochemistry and philosophy, with a minor in chemistry. These disciplines spoke to me because they exist at the junction between ideas that seem too outlandish to be possible, but contain ideas that are consistent with the reality that we observe. Given what I have learned thus far in Honors, what I find most compelling about this combination is the intersection of equity and socio-scientific phenomena. All that to say, I am super lucky and glad to be in college where I have the liberty to aggressively question my metaphysical position while pathetically rewatching Bojack Horseman in an Odegaard study room at 4 am. When I can scrape myself off the floor of Ode, I spend all waking hours trying to turn myself into Larry David and Danny Devito and velcroing my Tevas that are aggressively ill-suited to the wet Seattle climate.

I am super excited to be a Peer Educator, again, this fall. For me, Honors and college has been super enlightening and has facilitated this new outlook on what it means to explore issues through multiple lenses of academia in order to be a more engaged citizen of the world. In any case, I am super excited to meet all of you and to witness the exploration of your identity, your intellectual growth through a complex interdisciplinary lens, and how your interaction with the world around you changes and evolves as you move into this new phase of early adulthood!

Zoë – Section AL

Hello! My name is Zoë, and I’m going into my second year here at UW. I’m an English major with a creative writing focus, and I’m considering minors in both Education and Drama. In case you can’t tell, I’m big on telling stories in all forms. (Catch me running around the city every April to some absurd number of bookstores for Seattle’s Independent Bookstore Day!) Some of my favorites include Harry Potter, Code Name Verity, Six of Crows, Hamilton, Rent, Wicked, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place… the list goes on. I can’t wait to learn and share yours!

A couple more tidbits about me… I’m a classic native Seattleite: happiest in a coffee shop in the pouring rain. (If you need recommendations, my favorite spot is Zoka Coffee, next to University Village.) I’m a huge foodie, and spend far too much money on all Seattle’s many tasty eats. I adore the fact that UW’s mascot is an actual dog more than you’d believe possible – one of my bucket-list items is taking a picture with Dubs. I spend most of my evenings and weekends chasing wild kiddies at my job as a martial arts instructor. I also help to teach self-defense seminars, because everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered, no matter where or who they are. 

I have found such an incredible community through my time in UW Honors, and I’m so excited and grateful that I get to help share it with you all. Almost nothing brings me more joy than sharing the things I love with others, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Lisi – Section AM

Hello! I’m Lisi, and I’m a junior studying Informatics and German. I’m from Seattle—born and raised—and have triple citizenship (USA, Austria, Cherokee Nation). As one might expect from an Honors student, my interests span a wide range! I grew up singing with the Seattle Girls Choir, and I continue to study classical piano and work as an accompanist to a local junior choir. On campus, I am a Director of Finance for the RSO HuskyTech as well as a CSE 142 Teaching Assistant. I’ve also been involved with UW Leaders, ASUW Senate, editing for a neuroscience journal, and researching for prosthetics, so feel free to ask me about any of these! Finally, I love listening to Lizzo and the La La Land soundtrack, enjoy watching shows like Designated Survivor and The Office, and have been (ever so slowly) reading Game of Thrones when I can.

For me, the Honors Program has been an amazing way to contextualize my education and learn how to become a better global citizen. I love the community as well, and the drive that students, professors, and staff have to better the world. All in all, I’m super excited to be a Peer Educator this autumn, and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Laura Anne – Section BA

Hi I’m Laura Anne! I grew up in the Seattle area and I am so proud to be a second-generation Husky! I am intending to major in psychology along with my interdisciplinary studies and hope to eventually pursue a master’s degree in this subject. When I am not in class or studying, I enjoy skiing, reading, baking, and boating on Lake Washington! I also find that I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest psychological/ mystery crime series on Netflix! I’m proud to call Seattle home and truly believe that there isn’t a more beautiful place to live (especially on a sunny day!). I have a background in ballet, love cheering for Seattle sports teams, and carve out many hours a week to stay in touch with my sisters who are spread across the country. I am passionate about the Honors Program and Psychology and I am happy to share about my experiences as a student thus far at UW!

Karen – Section BD

Hello! My name is Karen, and I am a sophomore studying Public/Global Health on a pre-med track! I am originally from Egypt but spent the first half of my life in Sydney, Australia before settling here in Seattle. I am the first of my family to go to university in America and am more than happy to point you in the direction of helpful resources.

During my freshman year I was involved in Hall Council, the Minority Association of Pre-Health Scholars, volunteering at Swedish Medical Hospital and went on a medical mission trip with Volunteers Around the World’s UW Chapter! Again, if you have any questions on how to get involved around campus, don’t hesitate to ask. When I am not studying, I enjoy exploring the city, spending time with my friends and family, working on my travel blog, and drinking a lot of coffee.

I cannot wait to meet and welcome each and every one of you to UW and the Honors Program.

Andrew – Section BK

Hello! My name is Andrew Ryan, and, in order to show you who I am, I am going to hit you with a series of “I am…” statements: enjoy! I am a sophomore studying Ethnomusicology, and maybe Education, or even English, who’s to say. I am originally from Tucson, Arizona (all love to the Dirty-T), so the rain has been a whole thing for this cactus boy so far, but, in general, I am loving Seattle. I am grateful to get to be in such a funky place where there’s a lot going on off-campus (and also on-campus, for that matter). I am a trumpet player in an orchestra on Bainbridge Island, that’s a wacky time. I am passionately engaged with the 2007 film, Ratatouille. I am currently on a spiritual journey to watch every season of Survivor (of which there are 38). I am pretty into music so if you want to talk shop, let me know. And finally, of course, I am incredibly excited to meet all of you, as I am sure we have many forthcoming adventures to get pumped for.

Lizzy – Section BJ

Hi everyone, welcome to the UW Honors Program! My name is Lizzy and I am a senior at UW, majoring in Neuroscience. As much as I love science, I have always believed in the importance of an interdisciplinary education and I love that the Honors Program has given me the opportunity to engage in such a wide range of topics. Through the Honors program, I’ve found some of my favorite classes and professors at UW, learned to view the world through a wider perspective, found a community of incredible peers, traveled to Peru to study ecology in the rainforest, and so much more!

Since I’ve been at UW, I’ve been a research assistant in two different laboratories, worked as a writing tutor at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center, volunteered at the UW planetarium, and I’ve been a Husky Snow Club member since my freshman year. I recently studied abroad in Peru and spent several weeks camping in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, learning the basics of ecological field research and following capuchins and spider monkeys all day. If you have any questions about the Peru program, studying abroad, or research in general, I’m more than happy to help!

Outside of school I love being a dog walker at PAWS shelter, going to concerts, and spending time outdoors, and I especially love the adrenaline rush of mountain sports like snowboarding and mountain biking. I have two dogs (a pug and a German shepherd) and I hope you’re ready to see tons of photos of them because I honestly have thousands. I’m always looking for recommendations of places to travel, new food to try, and interesting books to read, so definitely let me know if anything comes to mind! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Justen – Section BH

Hi everyone! My name is Justen and I am from Auburn, Washington which is 40 minutes south of Seattle. I am currently a junior studying biology. If you have any questions about pre-health classes, general chemistry, or pre-med classes, feel free to ask me! I am also in greek life, so if you have any questions about balancing Honors and greek life, you more than welcome to ask me! In my free time, you can usually find me catching up on shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Riverdale. Honors has offered me so many experiences and opportunities since I have been at UW. I’m so excited to meet all you and tell you about this amazing program!

Aniruddh – Section BI

Hey guys! I am Aniruddh, and I am a junior majoring in Bioengineering with minors in Applied Math and Entrepreneurship. I am really excited to meet my Honors 100 students in the fall and look forward to welcoming you all to the Honors Program.

A little bit about me, so I was born in India and moved around for the first few years of my life before coming back and settling in India for a pretty long time and then eventually coming to UW for college. I love to travel and explore the world, talk to me about my favorite places? I also really like hiking, badminton and reading novels. Fun fact about me: I traveled back to India for two days in the middle of my fall quarter during freshman year to surprise my cousin for her marriage!

I am an undergraduate researcher in the Mack Lab at the South Lake Union campus and work with stem cells. I would love to talk to you about finding a lab that interests you or research in general. I am also a part of Bioengineers Without Borders, we are an Registered Student Organization (RSO) that is student-run and works on addressing global health issues by designing devices and other instruments that can be used to address challenges in global health. I am also passionate about raising awareness about mental health and am a part of Mental Health for Every Adolescent (MHEA), a student-run organization that has been working to promote awareness about mental health among high school students in various cities in India and in Seattle. I guess I also love making memes and made a meme page for BioE memes with my friends fifteen minutes before we walked into a midterm.

I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!

Griffin – Section BL

Hi, my name is Griffin Dugan and I’m super excited to get to work with you all!  I’m a senior right now, and I love that I get the chance to work with you bright-eyed freshmen again.  I had a pretty rough transition into college myself, so I want to do my part in making sure that you as new students feel welcome and have the resources you need to succeed.  I’m a Psychology and Communication double degree (although I explored a ton of other subjects along the way), so along with Honors I’ve been kept busy!

Some things about me:  I’m from Bellevue, which is only about 20 minutes away from campus.  I went to middle and high school with the same class of 70 people for 7 years, so being at UW was definitely a shift. I’m the youngest of my family, with my sister being 28 and my brother 30.  I love dogs to the point where I have been known to cry when I see one, even in a video.  Apple juice can also have a similar effect on me (it’s the nectar of the gods), but I try to drink less while I’m at school.  In my free time, I like to play video games, watch bad movies with friends, sing, or just go for a walk.  Can’t wait to meet and get to know you all!

Talia- Section BM

Hey everyone, my name is Talia and I’m a sophomore from the Bay Area, California. I’m planning to major in CEP (Community, Environment, and Planning) and Geography.

A little bit about me: I’m a dog person, I love traveling to new places, and I take an excessive number of Buzzfeed quizzes. On campus I’m involved with the UW musical theatre RSO, Stage Notes, as both a performer and the Social Media Manager, and I’m a UW Tour Guide. Both of these activities allow me to meet new people and get more involved and engaged with different communities.

This is my first time being a Peer Educator and I cannot wait to meet everyone and get class started! Honors 100 was the class that introduced me to some of my first familiar faces on campus, and it’s a great course to help you get to know the UW and the Honors community. I hope to make our classroom experience a safe space for sharing, asking questions, learning, and just hanging out.

I am happy to answer any questions about classes, how to get involved outside of class, or about the Honors Program in general. See you soon!

Kenzie- Section BN

Hey! My name is Kenzie and I am a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. I am from Seattle, only about 10 minutes away from the UW. I currently live in a sorority, Chi Omega and am involved in leadership in the Greek Community for Junior Panhellenic.

I am incredibly excited to be a Peer Educator and help introduce students to the Interdisciplinary Honors community. Honors has given me the opportunity to take classes outside of a very tight major schedule that I wouldn’t normally get to take. They have by far been my favorite part of my time at UW. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands through Honors, so if you ever want to know more about study abroad, feel free to ask me!

In my (almost non-existent) free-time, I am usually out exploring restaurants on the Ave with my friends or on the beach watching one of our beautiful PNW sunsets. I am incredibly excited to meet all of you this Fall!

Interested in Becoming a Peer Educator?

Great! More information about the role can be found on the Honors Peer Educator page and we will be hosting information sessions and accepting applications for 2019 Peer Educators during the beginning of Winter quarter. If you have questions now about how to become a Peer Educator, feel free to reach out to Carissa Mayer at Your Peer Educator can also provide you with valuable information about the selection process, preparation seminars, and their experience so don’t hesitate to ask them questions as well.