Peer Educators 2020

Meet the 2020 Peer Educators!

About Honors 100 Peer Educators

Honors Peer Educators (PEs) are leaders in the Honors community by teaching a section of the Honors 100 seminar. They are integral in welcoming, mentoring, and informing incoming Honors students. PEs share insights about and experiences with Honors curriculum, community, and resources with new students.

“The Peer Educators have become a community of leaders who hold tremendous empathy for the complexity of their peers’ early UW experience as well as a group who gain a deeper understanding of their own personal choices and pathways in college”

-Aley Mills Willis Director of Academic Services for the UW Honors Program

In addition to leading an Honors 100 section, during both Spring and Autumn quarters, Honors 100 PEs meet weekly with one another and with the Honors 100 instructors to develop their courses collaboratively and to discuss important questions and challenges related to teaching and mentoring. These meetings provide a supportive environment to discuss openly the successes and challenges of leading Honors 100 sections.

Meet the 2020 Peer Educators!

Raveena – Section AA

 Photo of Raveena

Hi gang! My name is Raveena, and I am going into my senior year at UW and this is my third go at being a Peer Educator. This is my first time being a second-year Peer Educator, which is really exciting! I’m getting a dual degree in biochemistry and philosophy, with a minor in chemistry (and maybe a minor in human rights?). These disciplines spoke to me because they exist at the junction between ideas that seem too outlandish to be possible but contain ideas that are consistent with the reality that we observe. Given what I have learned thus far in Honors, what I find most compelling about this combination is the intersection of equity and socio-scientific phenomena. All that to say, I am super lucky and glad to be in college where I have the liberty to aggressively question my metaphysical position while pathetically rewatch Bojack Horseman in a stress-induced frenzy at 4 AM in an Odegaard study room when I should be studying. When I can scrape myself off the floor of Ode, I spend all waking hours trying to turn myself into Larry David and Danny Devito and velcroing my Tevas that are aggressively ill-suited to the wet Seattle climate.

I am super excited to be a Peer Educator, again, this fall. For me, Honors and college has been super enlightening and has facilitated this new outlook on what it means to explore issues through multiple lenses of academia in order to be a more engaged citizen of the world. In any case, I am super excited to meet all of you and to witness the exploration of your identity, your intellectual growth through a complex interdisciplinary lens, and how your interaction with the world around you changes and evolves as you move into this new program!


Cecilia – Section AB

Photo of Cecilia

Hello everyone!! My name is Cecilia Bui and I am in my senior year at UW. I’m currently on the pre-med path, majoring in Biology: Physiology. I am involved in a pre-med fraternity on campus and am currently volunteering at UW Medical Center: Northwest and ROOTS Young Adult Shelter. If you guys have any questions on pre-med/ biology classes or volunteering or life or really anything at all, I am happy to share my experiences and help in any way I can!! I remember my transition into college being a bit rough, so I would love in any way to make it easier for you all!

Outside of school, I love spending my time making Tteokbokki from the same recipe at least once a week. If I’m not doing that, then I’m hosting cooking showdowns with my friends over Zoom (which I’ll win one day…) using Bon Appetit recipes. I also enjoy reading books and watching shows and movies that can make me cry and/or question life; I can’t wait to get all of your recommendations. 

I am thankful for all that I have learned from the Honors Program and its community, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I look forward to a wonderful fall quarter!

Autumn – Section AC

Hey y’all! My name is Autumn Capper, and I’m a Senior majoring in Biology (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental) from Woodinville, Washington. My pronouns are she/her/hers, and this is my first time being a Peer Educator! After college, I’m planning on attending medical school and becoming a pediatrician.

Getting involved at UW has been one of the most fun parts of college for me! During the fall, I spend most of my time outside of class with the Husky Marching Band. I play trumpet, and love getting the chance to hang out with my friends in band and travel for games. Game day is so much fun! In addition to Husky Band, I am also a member of Kappa Kappa Psi, a national honorary co-ed band fraternity. Outside of band, I’m Co-President for UW’s Healthcare Alternative Spring Break (HCASB) program. HCASB provides immersive shadowing experiences for pre-health undergraduates throughout rural cities in the Pacific Northwest over spring break, and is a fantastic way to learn more about the healthcare field. I also worked in Advising & Orientation for two years, and love welcoming new students! Outside of school, I love to try out new coffee shops, read, bake, cook, make playlists for my commute to school, and hang out with my friends and family. I have an adorable black lab named Carl, so get ready for me to share lots of pictures of him! 🙂

Being involved in Honors at UW has given me the opportunity to branch out of my major, pursue my interests in areas outside of STEM, and expand my worldview. I’ve been able to take the coolest classes ranging from subjects such as political science, public health, and Greek mythology! I can’t wait to meet you all soon and welcome you to the Honors family, Go Dawgs! 

Stephanie – Section AD

Photo of Stephanie

Hello everybody! My name is Stephanie and I’m a Junior from Vancouver, WA, just north of Portland. I am a double major in Computer Science and Cinema and Media Studies with a minor in Music. 

Outside of the classroom, I’m a member of Phi Sigma Rho, an engineering sorority, where I’m currently the VP of Finance. I’m also a enthusiastic member of UW Film Club, where I watch and publish reviews about new movies. I play flute in UW’s Wind Ensemble, something I absolutely adore, and as a former swimmer, I also lifeguard at the IMA. A couple of my other hobbies include eating Asian food, listening to musicals (I can probably recite all of Les Miserables from heart), and solving daily crossword puzzles from the New York Times. I prefer tea over coffee, cats over dogs, and being an early bird over a night owl. As you can probably deduce from one of my majors, I’m a HUGE film buff. My top 5 films of 2019 are Little WomenParasiteMarriage StoryThe Farewell, and Knives Out. You can talk to me about film any day of the week! I also enjoy my fair share of TV shows, which currently include The Big Bang Theory and CSI. 

This will be my first year as a peer educator and I’m excited to meet you all and guide you through your first quarter as an Honors student at the UW!

Maddie – Section AE

Hey everyone! My name is Maddie, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m from Kirkland, Washington (about 20 minutes west of the UW Campus). Currently, I’m a sophomore studying Public-Global Health with a concentration on Nutrition Science. In my previous year on campus, I was involved with the RSO Cru, and I was a representative for ASUW in my residential hall council – both of which I’d love to continue being a part of.

I’d like to say that I am equally as extroverted as I am introverted, so in my free time, I could totally spend the night out with friends, or stay home and watch Netflix. When I am my extroverted self, I love to meet up with friends on the Ave and grab food or coffee (I LOVE COFFEE). When I’m chilling by myself, I like listening to music, spending ridiculous amounts of time researching bucket-list activities, and binge-watching shows like Greys AnatomyRick and Morty, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I truly enjoy the mind-numbing drama this show provides).

As autumn quarter approaches, I am more and more excited to welcome all of you to the Honors program. I hope to get to know each and every one of you personally, and make your first quarter at the UW as memorable as possible.

Peyton – Section AF

Hello everyone!!
My name is Peyton, and I’m a sophomore intending to double major in Psychology and Education! I’m Seattle born and raised, but find that I still have lots to learn about this beautiful city I get to call home. My freshman year at UW, I lived in the Terry Hall LLC, and was a member of their hall council! I also served as a senator on ASUW, and had an absolute blast. 
Outside of the classroom, I’m a total goofball who loves spending time with friends and family. My family owns an urban farm supply located right by campus, so I often put in time helping out there! I have three brothers and a LOT of stories. I love to sing, dance, and make people laugh! I love video games, Veronica Mars, ATLA, and am an unabashed Twilight stan (there’s just something about that blue filter and nostalgia!) I also love music from all genres, and can pretty much bop to anything you give me. 
I am also so unbelievably excited for Honors 100! Despite the uncertainties of what is to come, the Honors program remains an inspirational, inclusive, and comforting space, and one that welcomes you with open arms! As your peer educator, I hope to provide you with helpful information, a kind person to talk to, and a LOT OF FUN! Here’s to a wonderful year!

Aditi – Section AG

Photo of Aditi

Hi folks! My name is Aditi, and I’m a junior from Sammamish, WA. I am a Political Science and intended Economics major, and I intend to go to law school when I graduate. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and helping guide you through your first quarter in Honors! At UW, I’m the president of the musical theater RSO Stage Notes and am stage managing our fall show (it’s Mamma Mia!). I’m also an Honors Community Ambassador.

Some fun facts about me: In my free time, I like to go bouldering (it’s kind of like rock climbing but without harnesses and on shorter walls), paint, bullet journal, talk about politics, watch YouTube, and make mug brownies (I’m addicted). I have a weakness for baked goods, especially bread. I love sunny weather, and strongly believe that despite Washington having some gloomy winters, our summers are unbeatable. In my opinion, Seattle is the best city in the world, and I’m so grateful to go to school here. I work at Sole Food, a shoe store in University Village, so if you’re in the market for some shoes or want to take a trip to the Village, I can hook you up with non-discounted, full price shoes. I spend too much of my time in Odegaard or various cafés along the Ave. I love dogs, flowers, colorful pens, and Starbucks.

I can’t wait for Honors 100 with all of you! In our class, I hope I can give you guys an environment where you feel safe and comfortable to ask questions or get the guidance you may need, or just feel like you have someone to talk to (me!). I also want to help you realize the full extent of the program and how you can get the most out of it academical and personally.

Welcome to Honors, I’ll see you soon! 🙂


Kaitlyn – Section AH

Photo of Kaitlyn

Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Laibe and I am so excited to be your Peer Educator this quarter, yay!! I am currently a  second-year at the UW and intending to double major in Law, Societies & Justice and Political Science. After college, I definitely see a future for myself in law school pursuing those passions. While I feel like Seattle is my home, I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona (the land of 128 degree summers and scorpions… everywhere). 

I love keeping busy, so my on-campus experience definitely reflects that. Currently, I am a second-year member and on the executive board of UW’s Mock Trial Team. We compete all over the Pacific Northwest and even the greater US, trying “mock” cases. I’m also heavily involved in ASUW (UW’s student government body) as a senator, member of the Womxn’s Action Commission, and was the Assistant Director for my residential hall last year. Other than that, I’m involved in a ton of different on and off-campus activities that I would love to share with you all!

More about me (other than school): I have two one-eyed rescue pugs named Squirrel and Bentley, and don’t worry I will be showing you pictures. I’m pretty sure my blood may be caffeinated considering the amount of coffee I consume. I’m actually addicted to watching Criminal Minds and my favorite movie is unironically Twilight (I know, I know, it’s disgusting). 

I’m so beyond excited to meet all of you. The UW’s sheer size can be intimidating, but Honors is honestly its own supportive, amazing community. As my dad always tells me, “you can make a big school feel small but you can’t make a small school feel big”. I can’t wait to create our own little community in Honors 100, please reach out if you have any questions! 


Allison – Section AI

Photo of Allison

Hello everyone !

I am a current sophomore intending on studying neurobiology and informatics.  I was born in Boston, Massachusetts,  but have split my time between Taiwan and Sammamish, WA growing up. I’ve always been interested in a little bit of everything,  and am somewhat a Jack of all trades (probably why I love taking interdisciplinary honors classes).  My involvement on campus varies widely – I am the social media coordinator and also an illustrator for the Grey Matters Neuroscience Journal, been a mentee for UW Leaders, and am participating in research in the UW Behavioral Ecophysics Lab, studying 3D imaging and the morphology of hummingbirds. 

Some more random facts about me:
-Art has always been an important part of my life! I went to a very small high school where art history and design classes were required for 6 years, and now that I’m at UW studying for STEM majors, I’ve been trying to keep art in my life by illustrating and painting. I’ve painted a lot of acrylic and watercolor portraits, and would love to show them to you if you ask!
-I am Taiwanese and spent a majority of my childhood growing up there before going to school in Washington.  For now, I go back to Taiwan for 1-2 months in the summer every year. I have a big family there and have traveled around the entire island, so if you happen to visit there I can give some great recommendations for foods to eat or places to go. 
-I have dyed my hair every year since I was in 8th grade. I mostly dye it a different shade of brown each time, but once I dyed it purplish red (that was a mistake). 

I am always open to talking about the Honors program, involvement on campus, or anything about college in general! Can’t wait to meet all of you guys soon 🙂 

Fleur – Section AJ

Photo of Fleur

Hi guys! My name is Fleur, and I’m a sophomore intending on majoring in neuroscience, and considering minors in ethics and/or chemistry. I’m also premed! I’ve lived in the Seattle area since I was five, but am originally from the Netherlands. 

Some more about me: I’ve been practicing martial arts for about 12 years, and teaching it for the past five. I have a black belt in Shudokan Karate-Do, and Kwan Nyom Hapkido. I also love to ski and paddle board. I speak both Dutch and English fluently and took four years of German in highschool (but my German is pretty rusty). I also really love to travel, and have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of my summers abroad. Finally, I like a lot of different music, but Lorde is my current fav.

Here on campus, although the second half of my first year was pretty unique, while on campus for the better parts of fall and winter quarter, I got involved with some of the political organizations on campus, adapted toys with Husky Adapt, started shadowing at Seattle Childrens, spent crazy hours at Ode, and went to lots of honors events.

I’m super excited to meet all of you, and can’t wait to introduce you to the Honors Program! Welcome to UW!

Emma – Section AK

Photo of Emma

Hello! I’m Emma and I am bad at finishing first sentences where I introduce myself! I was born and raised in Washington and am really loving the experience of living in Seattle. I am a sophomore intending to study Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, and my preferred medium is printmaking, though I also enjoy some drawing, photography, and sculpture. After completing my undergrad degree I am hoping to go on to get my Masters in Library and Information Sciences and eventually work in either a public library or maybe a museum. Outside of school, I enjoy perusing libraries and bookstores, reading, writing poetry, knitting, baking, cooking, and taking the occasional nice long nap. I, like many other college students, am completely addicted to coffee, so please hit me up for coffee shop and bakery recommendations, and I promise I will deliver! I look forward to working with you to make this year and your introduction to the Honors Program as smooth and fun as possible.

Zoë – Section AM

Photo of Zoë

Hello! My name is Zoë, and I’m going into my third year here at UW. I’m an English major with a creative writing focus, and I’m considering minors in both Education and Drama. In case you can’t tell, I’m big on telling stories in all forms. (Catch me running around the city every April to some absurd number of bookstores for Seattle’s Independent Bookstore Day!) Some of my favorites include Harry Potter, Code Name Verity, Six of Crows, Hamilton, Rent, Wicked, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Parks and Recreation, The Good Place… the list goes on. I can’t wait to learn and share yours!

A couple more tidbits about me… I’m a classic native Seattleite: happiest in a coffee shop in the pouring rain. (If you need recommendations, my favorite spot is Zoka Coffee, next to University Village.) I’m a huge foodie, and spend far too much money on all Seattle’s many tasty eats. I adore the fact that UW’s mascot is an actual dog more than you’d believe possible – one of my bucket-list items is taking a picture with Dubs. I spend most of my evenings and weekends chasing wild kiddies at my job as a martial arts instructor. I also help to teach self-defense seminars, because everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered, no matter where or who they are. 

I have found such an incredible community through my time in UW Honors, and I’m so excited and grateful that I get to help share it with you all. Almost nothing brings me more joy than sharing the things I love with others, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Laura Anne – Section BA

Photo of Laura Anne

Hi I’m Laura Anne! I grew up in the Seattle area and I am so proud to be a second-generation Husky! I am intending to major in psychology along with my interdisciplinary studies and hope to eventually pursue a master’s degree in this subject. When I am not in class or studying, I enjoy skiing, reading, baking, and boating on Lake Washington! I also find that I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest psychological/ mystery crime series on Netflix! I’m proud to call Seattle home and truly believe that there isn’t a more beautiful place to live (especially on a sunny day!). I have a background in ballet, love cheering for Seattle sports teams, and carve out many hours a week to stay in touch with my sisters who are spread across the country. I am passionate about the Honors Program and Psychology and I am happy to share about my experiences as a student thus far at UW!

TJ – Section BB

Photo of TJ

Hey y’all! My name is TJ Arora and I’m a rising second year in the Honors program studying Computer Engineering. My favorite part about Honors getting to venture outside of my major and learn with really cool students I wouldn’t meet otherwise. On campus I am the philanthropy chairman in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I also ran with the UW Running Clubs until we got kicked off of campus (big oof).

I grew up in Austin, Texas (hence why I’ve already said y’all a few sentences into this) and my family now lives in Seattle. For the record, the Cowboys are the best team in the NFL, the Longhorns are going to win the national championship, and James Harden is the best player in the NBA. I’m an avid runner and outdoorsman, and I love going hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest. You can catch me in my Chacos flexing on anyone who thinks that Tevas are the superior sandal (*cough cough* Raveena). 

I’m pumped to meet you guys in our Zonors (Zoom Honors) 100 section!

Kara – Section BC

Photo of Kara

Hello all! I’m Kara – nighttime wanderer, chronic laugher-at-inappropriate times, and lover of all things story. I’m in my third year at the UW. I grew up a little bit of everywhere, but currently live in the comfortably boring Vancouver, WA. I’m studying International Relations and Japanese, and while I love my major (and love talking about it), the words “future” and “career” make me shudder. For now I’m planning on teaching in Japan while I figure out what I really want to do. I live by a mantra of “whatever happens, happens, and no matter what it’ll all work out” so I’m keeping my 2am crises to a minimum and just enjoying the journey. Who knows what’ll happen? Something great, probably.

When I’m not busy working, I can often be found in various corners around campus writing my novel, watching Breaking Bad, or playing piano. If you hear Rachmaninoff’s Elegie being played in the HUB or Music Building, follow the noise and you might catch me crying – either because I’m really into it or because I have a case of 9-year-old hands that make five-finger octave chords tragically difficult. I also frequent the Honors suite (sometimes napping) and various UW guest lectures (there’s a lot of them).

I explore a lot and find some neat places, so if you need recommendations for restaurants, coffee shops, study spaces, karaoke spots – I’ve got you. Also, if you want to look at cat pictures I can help with that too. In addition to providing these critical services, I hope I can be a good resource for you as you navigate the strange world of college and our cozy little niche here at Honors. I’m here to help you build a community and achieve your goals, so feel free to reach out with any questions. Can’t wait to get to know you!


Mina – Section BD

Photo of Mina

Hello! My name is Mina, and I’m a junior majoring in Law, Societies, and Justice, along with studying Sociology and Human Rights— if you’re not certain of everything academic and career-related, I’m right there with you! It’s okay to not have it all figured out quite yet.

So far at UW, I have been a part of the Middle Eastern Student Commission, connected with my peers in Terry Hall (where I met my best friends!), studied abroad in Sweden, and volunteered for a political organization in Seattle. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking for myself and my roommates, watching something from any of the various streaming apps, running, and strumming out a song or two on the ukulele!

This is my first time being a Peer Educator and I’m so excited to be with you while you learn and find a home in Honors. This community has provided me with my closest friends, the most interesting classes, and has made my university experience as special and amazing as it is. I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I hope I can help you find the things you’ll love here at UW!

Christine – Section BE

Photo of Christine

Heyo! My name is Christine, and I’m a senior studying Psychology, Disability Studies, and American Sign Language.

I work as the Director of the ASUW Student Disability Commission, which takes up 99.999% of my time, but on the side I’m also involved with ASL Club, Special Olympics Washington and UW Special Olympics. I’m a mentor in the UW Leaders program, and I’m happy to share more about those involvements if you’re interested.

Outside of my official roles, I’m very into social justice stuff. I love painting (disclaimer- I’m not good at it but I enjoy the process!) and kayaking (midnight journeys are the best ones). Super into vines (yea I know it’s been dead for a while but youtube compilations have been a savior).

I’m always happy to answer questions you may have, or just participate in a nice invigorating conversation about the world in general. Let me know if there’s any way I can support you 🙂


Riley – Section BF

Photo of Riley

Hello! My name is Riley Mehl and I am a junior here at UW studying Visual Communication Design. I’m so stoked to meet you all!

I love to dabble in anything creative and am always aiming to tackle new leadership roles. This is my first year as an Honors Peer Educator, but I also work at the Student Technology Loan Program as well as with ASUW as a Visual Designer.  Outside of the classroom I love to take care of my plant babies, listen to music (hello Harry Styles), stay politically active, and eat late night breakfast (catch me at Beth’s cafe in Green Lake)! I am a Washington native and am always happiest when it’s pouring rain, and I  love to expand on my knowledge of the world. I studied abroad last fall in London and Paris and it was single-handedly the best experience of my life!

Honors has played a tremendous role in not only widening my breadth of knowledge but also in creating a small community close to my heart. Seattle is such a fun environment to be in during college, and it is bustling with opportunities and endless amounts of fun. I hope to be a strong resource as you navigate your first quarter of college, and I am so excited to welcome each of you with open arms to not only UW, but to the Honors family!

Wien – Section BG

Photo of Wien

Hi, I’m Wien (said like the “ween” in Halloween)! I am a sophomore intending to study Political Science and Law, Societies, and Justice. I was born in the Netherlands (a small country nestled right between Belgium and Germany), lived in Malaysia briefly, and moved to San Jose, California when I was five. Since coming to UW, I’ve fallen in love with the Seattle area—the rain, the green, the water, the mountains—and have become entirely reliant on coffee. 

Outside of class, I’m an avid reader, Netflix-binger, painter, and Spindrift addict. Some of my favorite books/Netflix series include Harry Potter, All the Light We Cannot SeeThe Queen of the Tearling, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Veronica Mars. I’m a founding member of UW’s Tap Club, Tap Dawgs, although, due to spring quarter being remote, we were unable to have any rehearsals.

I am incredibly excited to be a Peer Educator this fall! Both the Honors Program and UW have stimulated my appetite for learning and problem-solving, and I am incredibly grateful for that. I would love to share my college experience and accumulated “wisdom,” and I am super excited to meet you!

Kiran – Section BH

Photo of Kiran

Hello and welcome to UW! My name is Kiran, and I’m so excited to meet y’all! I’m a senior, I’m studying Political Science (and other things),  and I’m from the funky-fresh town of Issaquah, Washington (which is famous for its annual salmon festival — SO exciting). 

I’m so excited to be a resource for you as you explore Interdisciplinary Honors at the UW. Upon coming to the UW, I was nervous about being at a giant school, but I built one of my first “homes” through the Honors community (especially through programs like Honors Community Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, Student Leaders, and Peer Educator!). Other communities I call home include Phi Alpha Delta at UW (an undergraduate law fraternity), residential hall councils in my freshman and sophomore years (Terry and Willow), and the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW, our nonprofit student government).  I’m more than happy to talk about any of those experiences, as well as guide you to finding your potential new home!

Get to know me: I love football, sea creatures, the Fast and Furious film franchise, and the color yellow. I love extensively curating Spotify playlists, I give excellent coffee/brunch/bookstore/TV-show recommendations, and I’m very accident-prone/clumsy.  I also paint and embroider a lot, but I’m not quite good at either. The biggest fun fact of all: I hope I can be a strong support system for all of you as you make your way into the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. I’m excited to help guide you through your first year at UW, and especially help you build a home through Honors. See you soon!

Nae Nhae – Section BI

Photo of Nae Nhae

Hey everyone! Welcome to UW! My name is Nae Nhae and I will be going into my second year and intending to major in Neuroscience or Public Health! I am originally from Thailand but have moved around a lot growing up; England, Australia, Utah, Minnesota, and now Seattle! I am a Tour Guide here at UW and love meeting and interacting with so many new faces from it! I am also Diversity Chair for my Sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and really believe in advocating and improving the system to be more inclusive! I am passionate about health care, the environment, diversity, and giving back to the community! 

Whenever I can, I love to travel, take photos/videos (of literally anything), and be by the Ocean. I am a memory hoarder and believe in the genuine happiness of collecting and documenting things that I love! My happy place is definitely when I’m cooking, especially without a recipe as I love to experiment with what I have! People would often describe me as spontaneous, compassionate, and a little goofy sometimes! When I am not in class I am often exploring places around me and will always be down to try something new – hence the spontaneity.

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program has allowed me to explore a variety of different classes in a more holistic and meaningful way, especially with amazing professors who are all very passionate about their teaching. Through this program, I have found some of my favourite classes and professors at UW, opened my eyes to gain a wider perspective on the world and have found an incredible and supportive group of peers! I was also really looking forward to Studying Abroad in Ecuador this past summer, exploring the “Sumak Kawsay” way of life; but sadly, it got cut short due to the pandemic. Despite that, being part of Honors has been an amazing journey for me so far and I can’t wait to see what’s to come! 

With that being said, this is also my first year being a Peer Educator and I’m so excited to meet and share my passions, both inside and outside the classroom, with you all! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have, or even if ya just wanna chat over a cuppa tea! :))

Sadie – Section BJ

Photo of Sadie

Hey everyone, welcome to UW Honors!! My name is Sadie and I’m so excited to get to know you all!

I’m from Sacramento, California and am studying Marine Biology with a minor in Spanish and intend on pursuing a medical degree. I joined the Interdisciplinary Honors Program during my second year and feel that it’s enhanced my educational experience in ways that I never could have expected!

When I’m not in a library, you could probably find me cheering on our dawgs with the Husky Marching Band! I play sousaphone and consider myself a diehard dawg fan. I’m also an officer of the Husky Ski Team and spend much of my winters trying to avoid the rain for snow instead! In any additional (fleeting) moments of free time, I love working out, reading and exploring Seattle on my bike!

The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to pursue all of my academic interests, and has shown me the true value of interdisciplinary knowledge. I can’t wait for you all to begin your journey with UW Honors, and am looking forward to offering support in navigating your first few months at UW!

Interested in Becoming a Peer Educator?

Great! More information about the role can be found on the Honors Peer Educator page and we will be hosting information sessions and accepting applications for the upcoming years Peer Educator cohort at the beginning of winter quarter. If you have questions now about how to become a Peer Educator, feel free to reach out to Claire Grant at Your Peer Educator can also provide you with valuable information about the selection process, preparation seminars, and their experience so don’t hesitate to ask them questions as well.