Who are Honors Student Leaders?

Honors Student Leaders are students in the University Honors Program who have either participated in or are participating as a Peer Educator or Honors LLC RA, or who are actively participating as an Honors Community Ambassador. Our Honors Student Leaders are interested in helping prospective, incoming, and current Honors students as they navigate their college experience by being available to answer questions.

Why connect with an Honors Student Leader?

Whether you’re a prospective student wondering what it’s like to live in the Honors Living and Learning Community, or a current student seeking advice about choosing an Honors course, there’s no better person to ask than a current student who is actively navigating the Honors Program! All of our Student Leaders are wonderful, kind, and helpful students from a variety of backgrounds and majors who have graciously volunteered to be available for questions from prospective, admitted, and current students.

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Pathways to Becoming an Honors Student Leader

Honors Peer Educators

Honors Peer Educators (PEs) are some of the first Honors Students our incoming freshman meet. Our Peer Educators participate in a spring teaching seminar and teach a section of the Honors 100 seminar in the fall. They are integral in welcoming, mentoring, and informing incoming Honors students.

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Honors Community Ambassadors

Honors Community Ambassadors (HCAs) are current Honors Students that want to give back to and further deepen the community in the Honors Program. They take this leadership opportunity to the next level by becoming a regular volunteer at large Honors events, organizing small-scale social events for other Honors students, managing the UW Honors Instagram, and more! All Interdisciplinary and Departmental Honors students have the opportunity to become an Honors Community Ambassador.

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Honors Living and Learning Community Resident Adviser

Resident Advisers for the Honors Living and Learning Community work with our Honors Student Residents year-round in Terry Hall.

Other Pathways

Did you serve as an Intern for the Honors Program or participate in other substantial leadership opportunities through the Honors Program at UW? Contact uwhonors@uw.edu to inquire about yo ur eligibility to submit a profile. Note: as of 2020 the Honors Peer Mentoring Program has been retired, please see the pathways above to get involved as an Honors Student Leader!