Peer Mentors

Honors Peer Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

Our student-led Honors Peer Mentoring Program (HPMP) serves to create a network of support within the Honors community by facilitating mentoring relationships on a quarterly basis. Our program aims to highlight the student perspective by encouraging mentees to be proactive during their time in the Honors Program and mentors to demonstrate leadership through sharing their academic and personal experiences. Rather than taking the place of Honors advising, we hope that our program will be an additional resource for students as they navigate their Husky experience.

Program Expectations

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Take initiative. Maintain the momentum of your mentoring relationship by suggesting topics to discuss, communicating regularly, and following through on commitments.
  • Show up prepared. Whether it is making an agenda or a list of questions to ask, always have a plan to make sure that any formal meetings with your mentor are productive.
  • Respect your mentor’s time. Although it may be tempting to ask questions as they arise, consider how you can make the best use of your mentor’s time.
  • Have realistic expectations. Recognize that mentors are not experts and are simply speaking on their own experiences. For questions on topics such as academic progress, please refer to your Honors or other advisers.

Mentor Responsibilities*

*You must have spent a minimum of 3 quarters in the Honors Program to qualify for this role.

  • Be willing to offer guidance based on your experiences as a UW Honors student. Examples include but are not limited to academics, Honors requirements, and campus involvement.
  • Support your mentee’s needs. Find out what your mentee is passionate about and share relevant opportunities and resources to help them meet their goals.
  • Recognize your limitations. If you are not sure how to provide guidance on something, be upfront about it and suggest another resource they can turn to.
  • Remember that mentees are their own person. Encourage your mentee to figure out their own path rather than follow in your footsteps.

Application and Participation Timeline

  • Complete the application. The application takes about five minutes to complete and allows you to tell us what you want out of your mentoring relationship.
  • Meet your match. Upon reviewing the applications, our committee will match you with a mentee/mentor, who you will meet at the Opening Ceremony.
  • Attend the mandatory Opening Ceremony at the beginning of the quarter. You will participate in fun activities that will help you learn more about our program expectations, get to know your mentee/mentor, and set boundaries for your mentoring relationship.
  • Engage with your mentee/mentor throughout the quarter. This is where you have the most flexibility, but we encourage you to set aside time for your mentoring relationship by communicating regularly and meeting up at least once a month.
  • Let us know how your mentoring relationship is going. All mentees and mentors are required to fill out a brief check-in survey at the middle and end of the quarter, which will help us evaluate the effectiveness of our program and make improvements.

Apply to be a Mentee or Mentor

The Spring 2023 applications are now open! Please fill out the appropriate application by Friday, March 31.

Spring 2023 Mentee Application

Spring 2023 Mentor Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from other aspects of the Honors community such as Honors Community Ambassadors and Honors Peer Educators?

Although those are great opportunities to get involved in the Honors community, the Honors Peer Mentoring Program is unique in that it is an entirely student-led program that provides the structure needed to offer a one-on-one mentorship experience beyond HONORS 100.

What can I discuss with my mentee/mentor?

There are a variety of things you can talk about depending on what you want to get out of your mentoring relationship. To help you get started, we have provided a list of topics below.

  • Athletics
  • Campus jobs
  • Clubs/RSOs
  • Honors requirements (coursework, Experiential Learning, portfolio, Departmental Honors projects, etc.)
  • Internships
  • Leadership
  • Research
  • Scholarships
  • Study abroad
  • Volunteering/service

If I am a mentee, can I stay with the same mentor next quarter?

Absolutely! You can request this in our check-in survey that you will receive towards the end of the quarter.

I still need more information. Who can I contact?

Please contact our committee members at with any questions or concerns.

2022-2023 HPMP Committee


Shannon Hong (she/her), Neuroscience With College Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… supervise all aspects of our operations, critically evaluate our quarterly performance, and foster synergy within our committee. I also serve as the liaison between our program and the Honors staff.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… how we build strong connections within the Honors community so that we can all thrive academically and socially. I started the HPMP with a small idea, and it is amazing that we have supported over 100 students since its launch last year!

Outside of the HPMP, I… am involved in neuroscience and clinical psychology research, and serve as an Undergraduate Research Leader to guide students through their own research journeys.

Senior Event Coordinator

Mathi Ngamsiripol (she/her), Public Health-Global Health With College Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… facilitate team meetings with the Event Team to brainstorm and execute events associated with the HPMP. This includes everything from communicating with Honors staff, maintaining interface with the rest of the committee, delegating tasks, and a whole lot of supply list making!

My favorite part about the HPMP is… the space for students to find freedom and agency to become the leaders they want to be. Everyone has their own leadership style, and regardless of your role in HPMP, the community encourages you to find it and your passions along the way.

Outside of the HPMP, I… love to be active, recently been working on strength: trying kickboxing, trying to weight lift, and you can find me constantly in awe soaking in the sunrises… and sunsets, LOVE eating spicy food, and am an advocate for custodians and their dedication to maintaining our spaces clean (The Custodian Project!) Let’s recognize all our public health workers on the front lines!

Event Coordinator

Catherine Chia (she/her), Neuroscience and Biochemistry With Interdisciplinary Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… help plan events to facilitate community building both within and between mentor/mentee pairs.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… the relationships you can form with others who have gone through similar classes, extracurriculars, and overall experiences while still being exposed to new opportunities.

Outside of the HPMP, I… enjoy baking pastries, teaching the flute, and volunteering as an educator for various organizations.

Senior Engagement Coordinator

Alina Chandra (she/her), Computer Science With College Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… lead a team working to foster and improve connections between mentors and mentees.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… seeing the meaningful relationships formed between mentors and mentees.

Outside of the HPMP, I… am involved in computational biology research, the UW Triathlon club, and the Undergraduate Research Program.

Engagement Coordinator

Lily Von Feldt (she/her), Chemistry With Interdisciplinary Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… help devise and implement ways to connect our program with the rest of the Honors community.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… working with my peers in the Honors Program and fostering a stronger sense of community.

Outside of the HPMP, I… am a senior studying Chemistry. I love to do just about anything outdoors including running, hiking, and biking!

Engagement Coordinator

Brian Chu (he/him), Physics With Interdisciplinary Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… help coordinate peer mentoring applications, support mentor-mentee engagement, and help maintain communication between mentors and mentees to build and strengthen their relationships.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… the great support system it creates for incoming Honors students, as well as the rich and rewarding leadership opportunities it provides for returning Honors students.

Outside of the HPMP, I… am a Physics major and a Residential Adviser, I enjoy playing the saxophone, I like playing video games with my friends, I play badminton from time to time, and I love spending my afternoons jogging along the Burke-Gilman trail!

Engagement Coordinator

Om Sahaym (he/him), Biology With Interdisciplinary Honors

Here in the HPMP, I… advise and create ways to keep mentors, mentees, and committee members connected.

My favorite part about the HPMP is… that I feel more connected to the Honors community.

Outside of the HPMP, I… am interested in biology, public policy, economics, soccer, tennis, reading, violin, indie music, and exploring Seattle neighborhoods.