University of Washington Honors Program

College/Interdisciplinary Honors Graduation Event

Earning the College or Interdisciplinary Honors distinction is a huge accomplishment that often includes lots of special memories with the people who joined you from the start of your UW journey. CONGRATULATIONS on everything you’ve done to reach this moment. Our faculty and staff recognize that a virtual ceremony is not what you imagined or deserved. We are all disappointed not to be celebrating together in person this spring.

And yet, there were many wonderful surprises in last year’s online ceremony, mainly in the form of who was able to participate. Grandparents Zoomed in from places all over the world. Friends were able to attend many graduation parties by simply clicking multiple links.

We are here to foster these fun, intimate connections while formally acknowledging your accomplishments.

Friday, June 11

10-11:15 a.m.

Click HERE to RSVP for UW Honors Graduation

Registered guests will receive instructions and links to join the party. Graduates, be on the lookout for Honors Graduation Kits and for requests to confirm your best mailing address prior to graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cherry Blossoms at the Quad during Spring of 2017

How do I get Honors cords and other regalia?

Members of the Class of 2021 do not need to buy your own Honors cords thanks to gifts by Honors Program Fund supporters. Please respond to our request to confirm your mailing address so you are certain to receive your Graduation Kit in advance of our celebration.

You can find info on ordering your cap & gown, registration for other UW graduation ceremonies, etc. at the UW Commencement website or by emailing with questions.

What are Grad Profiles and why do I need one?

If you are graduating (or have recently graduated) from the University of Washington with Honors, please be sure to make an Honors Grad Profile. Your profile will help our community to celebrate you and recognize the things that have mattered most to you on this journey.

We also want to make sure we have your best email as we hope to reach you later about an in-person graduation party and other alumni events. You’ll be able to update your email in this form.

Here is the link to the Grad Profile Entry page:

How do I share my photos/video clip for graduation?

You are invited to share a few images or a short video clip (approximately 5-10 seconds), featuring your unique memories, wishes for the people who have made this journey with you, a small piece of music, inspiring quotes, or whatever you want your peers and their guests to see you doing or saying as part of this special day. 

Because we intend to edit these clips together, we prefer more visual or kinetic content, but a few heartfelt words are certainly welcome if you’re feeling that form of expression.

Please limit the size of your uploaded video to 20-200 MB. If you have a very large video file, please contact us for alternate uploading directions. Please also remember that we’ll be publicly sharing these videos and don’t upload anything you’d be uncomfortable sharing with a wide audience.

Upload your video clip here

Future in-person reception

Please be sure we have your best email address so that you’re sure to receive our invitation to a reception for your class when public safety allows. You can officially update your email address while completing your Honors Grad Profile (see above).

What if I have a slow internet connection or other tech concerns?

We are prerecording some of our graduation event elements so that it will be available for anyone who experiences trouble with the live interface (or who can’t attend in real time). We do hope you will participate in the live social aspects of the event and if you have particular concerns about that, please get in touch and our staff will help think through your options.

Who is my best contact?

Direct event-related questions to:; Carey Christie, Associate Director of Public Relations.