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Thaisa Way (Landscape Architecture)

Way, Thaisa (Landscape Architecture)

Thaisa Way (Landscape Architecture)
Office: 348F Gould Hall, Box 355734
Phone: 206 685-2523
Email: tway@uw.edu
Website: http://swarmdev4.be.washington.edu/people/thaisa-way/

Thaisa Way ASLA, FAAR, BS UC Berkeley, M’ArchH UVa, PhD Cornell University is an urban landscape historian teaching and researching history, theory, and design in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the College of Built Environments, University of Washington, Seattle. She is currently the Chair of the Faculty Senate’s Committee on Planning and Budgets at the University of Washington.

Instructor's Honors Course History

Course Title
HONORS 397 B The UW for the Future: What could and should it become? 2019 2 14992 View »
L ARCH 353 History Of Modern Landscape Architecture 2019 1 16130 View »
L ARCH 353 B Designing Landscapes in a Modern World: History of Modern Landscape Architecture 2018 1 16538 View »
L ARCH 553 History of Modern Landscape Architecture 2015 4 22348 View »
L ARCH 553 A History of Modern Landscape Architecture 2015 1 15894 View »



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