Honors Council

A Community of Faculty, Staff, and Students

The University of Washington Honors Council is a small group of faculty, program staff, and appointed students charged with the responsibility of representing the Honors Program. The Council meets quarterly to assess the quality of programs leading to the honors degree and advise the Director of the Honors Program on matters pertaining to policy and changes in curricular and programmatic structure. The Director of the Honors Program also serves as chair of the Council.

  • Vicky Lawson, ex officio
  • Julie Villegas, ex officio
  • Aley Willis, ex officio
  • Brook Kelly, ex officio
  • Carissa Mayer, ex officio
  • Laura Harrington, ex officio
  • Kelly Chapman, ex officio
  • Carey Christie, ex officio
  • Nancy Herzog, Robinson Center, ex officio
  • Michaelann Jundt, UAA
  • Louisa Iarocci, Architecture
  • Phillip Reid, Chemistry
  • Marisa Herrera, OMA/D
  • Jon Herron, Biology
  • Joyce Yen, UW Advancement
  • Zev Handel, Asian Languages and Literature
  • Theo Myhre, Law
  • Amanda Hornby, UW Libraries
  • Bill Talbott, Hanauer Honors Professor, Philosophy
  • Shirley Yee, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
  • Robert Winglee, Earth and Space Sciences
  • Reem Sabha, student
  • Andi Gero, student
  • Emily Cox Pahnke, Business
  • Elizabeth Wheat, Environmental Studies

For more information on the Honors Council or if you have issues that you would like to bring to the Council’s attention, please contact Vicky Lawson at lawson@uw.edu.