Interdisciplinary Honors Field Studies

Summer Interdisciplinary Field Studies Courses

Students observing orcas

Ursula Valdez and students observe a pod of Orcas near San Juan Island

The Honors Program is excited to offer Summer Quarter courses in the Interdisciplinary Honors Field Studies Program (IHFSP). Courses within the IHFSP demonstrate “field studies” in its broadest and most inclusive sense offering place and community based learning across a broad range of disciplines. These courses are purposefully designed to challenge students to explore interdisciplinary education through experience and create important connections between community and classroom. IHFSP courses happen domestically, providing an exciting alternative to international programs that allow students to explore the diversity and complexity of American culture, environment, and identity.

Students who wish to receive Honors Experiential Learning credit for these courses must complete the Experiential Learning Application for summer term. Unless you will be assuming a leadership role in the class, or the class has a focus in service, research is the most eligible category for Experiential Learning.

Summer 2019 Honors Field Studies Courses