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Honors-related Applications and Handouts

Here's an index of all the forms we have posted online to help save your time. Paper forms are PDF files so that they will print out on your printer exactly like they would on ours. To open them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Ad Hoc Honors Degree Petition

Complete this form to create an individualized Honors degree program in a major whose department does not have a formal Honors program already. This option is only available to full College Honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please follow the procedures as described on the form.

Ad Hoc Honors Credit Form

Complete this online form to obtain Honors credit for a non-Honors course. This option is only available to members of Interdisciplinary, Departmental, or College Honors. Please follow the procedures as described on the website. This online application handles both on-campus and study abroad ad hoc Honors proposals.

Application for Freshman Admission

The Honors Program Freshman Application is now included as part of the UW's online application - for further details, please see our Freshman Admission page. For those submitting a paper application, simply follow the instructions under the "Applying to the Honors Program" section of the UW application instructions.

Application for Second Year Admission

Students who did not enter UW as Interdisciplinary Honors students may apply for the Program during the spring quarter of their freshman year.
Learn more about Second Year Admission to Honors »

Application for Transfer Student Admission

Complete this form if you wish to apply to the Interdisciplinary Honors track after transferring to the UW from another college or university. (This does not include Running Start students).
Learn more about Transfer Student admission to Honors »

Departmental Invitation

The Honors Program office no longer uses this form. Your departmental adviser is responsible for authorizing and adding Departmental Honors on your UW record (DARS), and the Honors Program automatically receives updates about these additions daily.

New Honors Core Curriculum

These printable sheets explain the requirements for graduation from the UW with Honors. Best of all, they're exactly like the ones you could pick up if you came by our office.