Honors COVID-19 FAQ

In this challenging time, the University Honors Program remains committed to our important work providing academic guidance, leading inspiring interdisciplinary courses, and connecting a diverse community of thinkers across imaginary boundaries. 

In these unpredictable times, the UW offers emergency aid to assist students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardships that may disrupt their education or prevent them from earning their UW degree. For public and student-facing information on the University’s response to COVID-19, please visit uw.edu/coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Honors Suite and Mary Gates Hall open?

The Honors office in Mary Gates Hall 211 is open on Mondays through Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The office is closed on Fridays while staff members are working remotely. If you are a current student and would like to schedule an appointment with an Honors adviser, please do so via our appointment scheduler on our advising website. The fastest way to reach our staff is by emailing your inquiry to uwhonors@uw.edu or using our Contact Us page.

How can I get in touch with someone in Honors to ask questions?

The fastest way to get in touch with us is to email uwhonors@uw.edu or using our Contact Us page. You can also call 206.543.7444 to leave a voicemail; we check these messages regularly and will return calls as soon as we can. Contact information for specific staff members can be found here.


How do I make an appointment to meet with an Honors adviser?

Academic support services for current students remain our top priority. Advisers are available for scheduled individual meetings via phone or Zoom. If you believe your questions can be answered via email, please send your email to uwhonors@uw.edu, or fill out the appointment request form and note “email conversation only” under the preferred conversation format option. If you would like to arrange a meeting with an adviser, please continue to use our online advising scheduling tool to make an individual advising appointment. An adviser will respond and arrange the best way in which to talk

Is drop in advising still happening?

Our drop in schedule, as well as information about how to access drop in advising, is posted on our  dvising page. Once you join the meeting you will be put into a waiting room; once available, an adviser will admit you from the waiting room to answer any quick questions you may have. If you believe your questions can be answered via email, please send your email to uwhonors@uw.edu. If you need a longer, individualized meeting, please continue to use our online advising scheduling tool to schedule an appointment.

Are group advising sessions still happening?

Yes, Honors advisers are working to create remote group advising sessions.  We focus on topics of interest and importance to students that bring us together as a collaborative community. Please read emails that we will send regarding these sessions as well as the advising website for the most up to date information regarding upcoming group advising dates and times.


How has the Honors GPA/Probation policy been impacted by remote learning?

In Autumn, 2021 we will implement changes to our GPA review policy. Students will no longer be put on ‘probation’ or ‘transferred out’ during their time in the Honors Program, but a 3.3 cumulative gpa is still required for graduation with Interdisciplinary Honors, even if all other program requirements have been met. 

If your gpa falls below a 3.3 gpa, you should expect communication regarding resources and support as well as encouragement to discuss your individual situation with an adviser to determine best options for completing your degree.

Please remember that you still must have a 3.3 cumulative UW GPA to graduate with any Honors degree from UW.


Are all Honors Courses being offered remotely or in person?

Honors classes will be conducted either in person or via an in person/remote learning hybrid model in Autumn, 2022. The Honors instructors have been working hard to prepare for their courses and are eager to work with you to create the best learning environment. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about a particular Honors class and check here for the latest UW updates about Autumn quarter.

How have the ad hoc process/requirement and other credit by contract options (HONORS 499 / graduate level courses) been impacted by COVID-19?

While many planned ad hoc projects, Honors 499 studies, and graduate level coursework will continue without too much adjustment, there will likely be some whose projects will need larger adjustments in order to move to online learning if your course is being taught remotely or via a hybrid model. Please think about how to adapt your projects proactively and begin strategizing with your ad hoc instructor as early as possible.

The Honors advisers are here to help you brainstorm tools and strategies to adapt.

Are the Honors-by-Contract deadlines different now?

No, the deadlines all remain the same. As always, we encourage students to work with their instructors on how to appropriately wrap up ad hoc Honors projects. If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances that keep you from completing your project and/or the instructor can’t submit the final evaluation by the deadline we will not deactivate the project, we won’t be able to attach the “H” to the course and you won’t be able to use it to meet the intended Honors requirement until that “H” is attached. If there are circumstances that keep you from completing a project by the deadline, please email uwhonors@uw.edu. All incomplete projects will be deactivated at the start of the following quarter if we have not heard from you or your instructor.

Do ad hoc Honors courses and graduate courses taken for Honors still need to be less than 50 students?

No, we have made an adjustment to our ad hoc policy and now allow courses with an enrollment over 50 students to also be eligible courses for ad hoc if they meet all other criteria. Approval for ad hoc projects relies not only on a course being eligible, but mostly in the submission of a robust and thoughtful application. Please get in touch with the course instructor as soon as possible to see if they are able to support your request to do ad hoc Honors in their course.

What is the plan for summer 2022 Honors study abroad programs?

Please continue to check back here, and the Honors study abroad page, for more information regarding summer 2022 study abroad and exchange programs. Honors will update information about summer 2023programming by mid-October.

The Study Abroad Office will continue to update information regarding international travel. Stay informed here.


Are the Honors Community Ambassadors still meeting in the 2021-2022 academic year?

Yes! The HCA’s remain committed to supporting and building community for Honors students and will be sending meeting details as well as a way to RSVP for the first HCA meeting of autumn quarter to all active Honors students. Please visit the HCA page if you are interested in this fun and exciting group!

Where will the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) be in the 2022-23 year?

The Honors LLC will be in Terry Hall this academic year. Please contact UW’s Housing and Food Services (hfsinfo@uw.edu) for specific questions about the residence halls.