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Summer 2013 Newsletter

From the Director

Greetings alumni, colleagues, and friends!

The University Honors Program provides great opportunities both on campus and abroad for students to grow intellectually, assume leadership roles, confront critical issues of the day, and expand upon work in their chosen fields. Here are some of the ways in which Honors supports these goals and an introduction to this year’s student speaker at our annual Celebration of Distinction. Thanks for having a look!

All the best,

Jim Clauss
Director of Honors
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Professor of Classics

Honors Students Cross International Demographic and Thematic Borders

The Honors Program is known for its unique range of study abroad and exchange programs that pilot new types of collaborations spanning demographic and thematic borders. Honors students travel to Rome, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Morocco, India, Japan, Argentina, and England. Honors Program partnerships with local universities, community centers, and arts organizations bring students' international experiences to life in new, unexpected ways. Read more »

Developing Leadership in Honors Through Peer Educators

How do you simultaneously develop leadership skills in current Honors students, welcome new students to the Honors Program, and convey critical information about the curriculum, community, resources and opportunities? Honors addressed that question by launching the peer educator program in spring, 2010, that enhanced the required introductory Honors course, "Honors 100." Read more »

Interdisciplinary Honors Courses Open Students’ and Professor's Eyes

The world issues Honors Program future-graduates will work on are complex, involve multiple points-of-view, and need nimble thinkers. That's why interdisciplinary courses are a hallmark of the Honors core curriculum. Honors faculty Clarence Spigner, professor of health services in the School of Public Health and adjunct professor in the departments of American Ethnic Studies and Global Health, recently introduced two new core courses into the Honors core curriculum in which students confront difficult topics through an interdisciplinary lens. Read more »

Student Spotlight: Roman Camarda and His Balanced Approach to Education

Roman Camarda, who will graduate this year with degrees in biochemistry and photomedia, has been an active member of the Honors Program and the UW since he arrived on campus in 2008. In addition to completing his double degree, Roman has found time to be an "Honors 100" peer educator and a biochemistry TA; to co-teach AP biology at Seattle Prep, his high school alma mater; to volunteer at both an elementary school and as an artist-in-residence at the UW Hospital; and to start his own clothing company. Read more »