2023 Honors Early Fall Start Rome

2023 Honors Early Fall Start Rome

Honors Rome 2020

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Staging the City: Performance, Power, and Identity in Rome From Empire to Mussolini

Location: Rome, Italy

Program Dates: Early Fall Start 2023 (approx dates: Aug. 23-Sept. 15)

Credits and Courses:

  • 5 credits total
  • HONORS 213, Humanities, A&H, and “W” or DRAMA 494

Director: Professor Odai Johnson, Drama

Apply Here! – Deadline Extended to March 1


Friday, January 27 @ 11:00, via zoom: https://washington.zoom.us/j/93173160892

About the Program

Using the city of Rome and 2000 years of performance traditions, literature, painting, and architecture, this inter-active, inter-disciplinary humanities course considers a single site: Rome, and how Rome fashioned and re-fashioned its own charismatic image of imperial and cultural power first as the heart of the Roman Empire, then as the capital of Christiandom, later as a city of Papal Princes, the epicenter of high culture on any European tour, and finally Mussolini’s restoration of Empire. How Rome created its unique, charismatic position in European history is largely a product of its own self-promotion. Rome the city invented Rome the idea, and those acts of invention can be read as a powerful performance of civic identity.

Combining tours of the city’s own treasury of art and architecture with readings about its past, we explore Rome as the center of power and culture across the ages. To study the city, we stand at the sites of power, feet in the present, the past at our reach.

Program Leadership

Director, Odai Johnson is a Professor of Drama at the University of Washington.  Odai has traveled extensively in and around Rome and has written about many of Rome’s major periods:  classical Rome, Renaissance, 18th century, and early 20th century.

Program Expenses

Anticipated Student Program Fee: $4,400 (students do not pay tuition; program fee and concurrent enrollment fee only).

Average Airplane Ticket: $1,400-1,600 (continue to check prices as we anticipate some increase in airfare)

Program fees will be posted to your MyUW student account and can be paid the same way that you pay tuition and other fees. Check your MyUW Account periodically for due dates.

Payment Schedule

Note: Students do not pay regular tuition costs, instead a concurrent enrollment fee of $485 is paid plus the program fee.  Students pay for their roundtrip airfare and approximately 2/3 of food (some dinners and lunches are included).  All lodging, excursions and ground transportation costs are covered as part of the program fee.

Estimated costs:

Payment Type Payment Amount Payment Due Date
Non-Refundable UW Study Abroad Fee $485 2 weeks after acceptance, TBD
Program Fee Balance $4,400 Same as UW Autumn Quarter Tuition deadline

Making the program affordable

The Honors Program is passionate about study abroad and the incredible impact it can have on a student’s life. Don’t assume you can’t afford to study outside of the U.S. Here are resources to help you get started on your global adventures!

Honors Program Scholarships

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Study Abroad Scholarships at UW

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Revision of Need

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Application Process

This program is open to students in the Honors Program and students across campus (UW Seattle, Tacoma, Bothell).  Students of all majors, freshmen-seniors, are encouraged to apply.

No prereqs or language requirements, although the program director will encourage students to learn basic words and phrases in Italian to facilitate open and humble learning.

Apply Here!  Deadline March 1

For more information about the program contact: odai@uw.edu