2019 Honors in Sweden

2019 Honors in Sweden

Sweden Pride Parade

Sweden Pride ParadeMelker Dahlstrand

Looking to Sweden as a Global Model on Rights

Location: Stockholm, Sweden and surrounding areas

Dates: Summer B Term 2019: July 23 to Aug. 20, 2019


Course Credits Credit Type
HONORS 233/SCAND 399 5 Honors Social Science  (I&S) “DIV” “W”
HONORS 213/SCAND 399 5 Honors Humanities  (VLPA) “W”
Honors 384 2 Honors elective (does not count toward core)

Information Sessions

  • 12 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018 (Honors Program Seminar Room, MGH 211B)
  • 12 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 (Honors Program Seminar Room, MGH 211B)

About the Program

About the Program

Honors Stockholm: Sweden as a Global Model on the Questions of Rights is an interdisciplinary study abroad program exploring how Sweden’s advancement of human rights continues to influence global human rights norms and wield enormous influence internationally. Through the lens of Sweden as a “norm entrepreneur” country, students will examine Sweden’s innovative human rights policies on LGBTI rights and gender equality. Additionally, the program will introduce students to Swedish authors and filmmakers whose work has reached beyond the Nordic borders with global impact.


The program will be based in the city of Stockholm, with excellent transportation options to the surrounding areas and abundant opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. Housing will be in a centrally located hostel, with 2 students per room. Breakfast is provided at the hostel and a communal kitchen is available for meal preparation.

Program Credit / Course Description

Honors 233/SCAND 399: Sweden: World Leader in Diplomacy and Human Rights,  5 credits (I&S, “DIV”, “W”)

Dr. Elise Carlson-Rainer

This course examines Sweden’s role as a global leader in human rights.  Although Sweden is a small country, it wields disproportionate power internationally in shaping human rights norms. Given that small nations are more vulnerable to international instability, leaders in Sweden demonstrate how international development and peace efforts are important for long-term national interest and security. As the United States withdraws from leadership in human rights international fora, Northern European nations are poised to take on the leadership mantle of human rights and other global policy issues.

Specifically, Sweden is a pioneer in LGBTI rights, both domestically and internationally.  Participants in this course will gain exposure to Sweden’s unique feminist foreign policy and its history of laying the foundation for global rights.

Picnic by fence

Picnic by the riversideTove Freiij

Set in Stockholm, the anchor of this course will be Stockholm Pride 2019. Stockholm Pride events are some of the most dynamic, robust and comprehensive LGBTI political events in the world. Far more than a one-day parade, activists come from all over the world to engage politically on LGBTI rights. Transnational advocacy groups from Zagreb, Warsaw, and St. Petersburg, for example, come to Stockholm and present their current work, exchange ideas, and share challenges in their home countries in the fight for equality. During the week-long Pride event, advocates discuss ways for leaders to elevate their cause in formal diplomatic channels and informal transnational networks. Discussions and public forums cover, for example, new fascism in Europe and Putin’s anti-gay policies; European parliament election results; and LGBTI asylum policies across the continent. Stockholm’s Pride week is a lightning rod for public engagement and debate on national and international LGBTI rights. By observing this public discourse, students will gain exposure to cutting-edge debates, learn advocacy techniques, and explore visions of long term equality goals of the global movement.

Honors 213/SCAND 399: Swedish Literary Icons and Rebels,  5 credits (I&S, “W”)

Kim Kraft

This course will introduce students to Swedish authors and filmmakers whose work has reached beyond the Nordic borders. Students will visit works by Stieg Larsson, Selma Lagerlöf, August Strindberg, Ingmar Bergman, Jonas Khemiri, Katarina Taikon, Athena Farrokhzad, Hjälmar Söderberg, among others. Students will begin to examine the relationship of these artists’ works to Sweden’s approach to activism and rights broadly.

Selected works will be contextualized through site visits and excursions in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. Learning will be enhanced through guest lectures by leading academics in the field of literary studies. Students will reflect on the literature’s power to contribute to social movements and the conversation of rights. Through literary tours, students will gain first hand exposure to primary sources and original locations that inspired these important texts. This course will encourage students to consider how cultural preconceptions can confront and (re)shape the way one responds to place.


HONORS 384: Knowing Nobel (does not count toward core, additional any), 2 credits

Kim Kraft & Elise Carlson-Rainer

Boats on the water

Boats on the waterOla Ericson

The Nobel Center in Stockholm provides an excellent base for learning more about the Nobel Prize and those who are honored for their achievements contributing to “the greatest benefit to mankind” which Alfred Nobel expressed in his will. Students will critically assess whether the Nobel Prize achieves its goal of inspiring people to seek out knowledge, to question, and to understand and improve our world. This course will take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the Nobel Prize, and its relationship to human rights. Students will select one laureate, and research the impact of their work. Students will visit the Nobel Center in Stockholm and explore questions around creativity and innovation.



Spring Quarter Orientation Sessions

This program requires three mandatory pre-departure orientation sessions in person for all program participants. Orientation sessions will cover academic requirements, behavioral expectations, health and safety considerations, and living and travel arrangements.

Optional language and further culture preparation class for those interested may be offered during spring quarter.

Program Leadership

Program Leadership

Dr Elise Carlson-Rainer has extensive experience in Sweden. She was a Fulbright Fellow in Stockholm, Sweden from 2004-2005. Dr. Carlson-Rainer focused her PhD research on Sweden’s foreign policy while earning her degree from the UW Jackson School of International Studies. During her doctoral research, she spent many months conducting field research in the Sweden.  Dr. Carlson-Rainer has extensive knowledge of Swedish language, customs and culture. As an Affiliate Assistant Professor of International Relations with the UW Scandinavian Studies, Dr. Carlson-Rainer teaches courses on Sweden, European Union, feminist foreign policy, and LGBTI rights in Scandinavia. Dr. Carlson-Rainer is also a former American diplomat with the U.S. Department of State. She has worked in Rome, Italy and across North Africa.

Kim Kraft received a Masters in Scandinavian Language and Literature from UW in 2013, she also has a Masters in Education from Old Dominion University. Kim has near-native fluency in Swedish and is a Swedish lecturer and undergraduate adviser with the UW Scandinavian Department. She is an active member of ASTRA (Association of Swedish Teachers and Researchers in America), is associated with the Scandinavian Language Institute, and has a wide network of scholars in the field of Scandinavian Studies. Her personal experience as an exchange student in Sweden changed her life forever, and she is excited to help facilitate this Honors Study Abroad program.

Program Expenses

Program Expenses

The costs listed includes tuition via concurrent enrollment fee and all housing and excursions.

Students are responsible for most meals, airfare, study abroad fee, and insurance.

Program fee: $4,800

UW concurrent enrollment fee: $450

Average Airplane Ticket: $1,700

Daily out of pocket food costs (approx): $40

Payment Schedule:

Program fees will be posted to your MyUW student account and can be paid the same way that you pay tuition and other fees. Check your MyUW Account periodically for due dates.

Payment Type Payment Amount Payment Due Date
Non-Refundable UW Study Abroad Fee $450 July 5, 2019
Program Fee Balance $4,800 July 5, 2019

Making the program affordable

The Honors Program is passionate about study abroad and the incredible impact it can have on a student’s life.  Don’t assume you can’t afford to study outside of the U.S. Here are resources to help you get started on your global adventures!

Honors Program Scholarships

The Honors Program offers a number of scholarships for current Honors Program students. These scholarship funds may be used for UW approved study abroad programs or exchanges. Students may apply beginning in late January (deadline is March 30).

Study Abroad Scholarships at UW

Every student who applies and is accepted to a study abroad program is considered for a scholarship. Scholarship awards are dependent on need and students  may be awarded up to $4,000. Visit the study abroad office in 459 Schmitz Hall to learn more or click here.  Students may also email goglobal@uw.edu for an advising appointment.

There are several outside resources for study abroad scholarships. Visit the UW’s Study Abroad Scholarship page for more information on scholarship support as well as information about GET funds and how you may apply the GET to your study abroad costs.

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Revision of Need

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Visit the Financial Aid Study Abroad Funding Website for more information about applying for Summer quarter financial aid and for information about Exploration Seminar financial aid timeline (different than A or B term financial aid disbursement timeline).

Application Process

Application Process

Honors Program students and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Majors and minors such as LSJ, International Studies, Political Science, CHID, English, Scandinavian Studies, Diversity, Geography, and GWSS are relevant to the topics covered in this program.

Selection to the program is competitive and acceptance is decided based on application materials, interviews, and student’s demonstrated motivation to challenge themselves intellectually across academic disciplines and cultures and to work both individually and in groups.

Apply Now!

Deadline: January 31, 2019

Apply Now!

Deadline: January 31, 2019