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Honors Study Abroad Programs for 2013

Oct 17, 2012

Honors is proud to present our study abroad offerings for 2013! Information sessions are still being planned, but check out the links below to get a preview of what's in store:

Summer 2013, A-Term

Italy: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Tivoli, and Bomarzo
Art, Identity, and Structures of Exchange in Rome and Italy

Sierra Leone
Ethnographic Methods and Cultural Production

Spain - Berlin
Social and Artistic Reflections of Youth Unemployment in the Eurozone

Bangalore, India
Social Justice & NGO Activism

Upcoming 2013-14 Programs

Rome, Italy
Autumn 2013, quarter-long
Rome and the Sea: Exploring Environmental Management through Science and Culture

New Zealand
Winter 2014, quarter-long
An Interdisciplinary look at Health Equity in rural Built Environments


Tokyo, Japan
WASEDA University Global Leadership Program