Transfer Admission

For students transferring to UW

The UW Honors Program offers three Honors options to choose from: Interdisciplinary, College, and Departmental Honors.

The Interdisciplinary Honors curriculum explores diverse ways of thinking across disciplines and encourages students to see the relationships between their academic pursuits and the rest of their personal and professional lives. In addition to featuring small and engaging interdisciplinary Honors courses, we emphasize the importance of experiential learning, reflection, and a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of knowledge.

Who should apply for transfer admission?

Those interested in transfer admission to Interdisciplinary Honors must be:

  • Transfer students admitted to the UW;
  • Those who have either participated in honors programs at their previous institution or who have strong college academic records; and
  • Applying prior to their first quarter of enrollment at UW.

Strong applicants for transfer admission demonstrate:

  • knowledge of and interest in the Interdisciplinary Honors curriculum requirements;
  • a history of academic achievement and serving the community;
  • eagerness to learn outside their major;
  • desire to understand the challenges of social justice;
  • interest in leadership roles in confronting global change;
  • familiarity with and/or curious about the complexities of diversity; and
  • desire for a life of continuous learning and personal growth.

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Please note :

  • Applications are due by 5pm THREE Fridays prior to the starting week of each academic quarter. Students may only apply once as a transfer applicant, and must do so prior to their first quarter at UW.
  • Transfer student admission to the Interdisciplinary Honors Program is selective, due to limited space availability.
  • Interdisciplinary Honors requires the completion of 47 credits of general education coursework, so students who have earned an Associates degree or fulfilled the UW’s Areas of Knowledge requirements through their transfer credits are not eligible to apply.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with an Honors adviser to determine which Honors track is right for them.
  • Apply to the UW via Transfer Admissions.
  • Once admitted to the UW, complete the Honors Transfer application (below) no later than 5pm three Fridays prior to the starting week of your first quarter at UW.
  • The Honors Program reviews all Honors Transfer applications submitted for that quarter after the deadline and before the first day of the quarter. In addition to the Honors Transfer application we review the UW transfer application, and may contact you for a follow-up interview.
  • Receive an Honors admissions decision notification via email by the first day of the quarter.
  • If admitted, you must:
    • take Honors 100, a required class for all incoming Interdisciplinary Honors students, during your first autumn quarter in the Program, and
    • schedule an Honors advising appointment to discuss any prior honors work you’ve done at a university or college to see if it may count towards the Interdisciplinary Honors requirements (see below).

Applications are due by 5pm THREE Fridays prior to the starting week of each academic quarter. Students may only apply once, and must do so prior to their first quarter at UW.

Honors credit for transfer coursework

  • If admitted to Interdisciplinary Honors, Honors credit can be given for Honors courses completed at other schools on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the UW Honors Program advisers
  • No more than 15 credits of transfer Honors coursework may apply to the Interdisciplinary Honors Core.
  • Schedule an appointment with an Honors adviser after you receive your offer of admission to Interdisciplinary Honors.

Transfer Application – APPLY HERE!