University of Washington Honors Program

“In UW Honors, you think about big questions and learn how to actually do something about them – and that’s so much more exciting. You meet people with different ways of thinking who inspire and challenge each other in ways you didn’t even know were possible. I don’t know what I’d do without the people and connections I’ve made in the Honors Program.” – Reem Sabha, ‘17

If you don’t consider yourself a good fit for Honors STOP and read this checklist.

You are likely a fit for Honors in college if any of these describe you…

  • Are brave, inclined to try new things, or get out of your comfort zone
  • Care about the impact you make on your community
  • Often find yourself asking how what you’re learning applies to global challenges
  • Believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor
  • Want to build deeper relationships with advisors and faculty
  • Try new learning methods when met with an academic challenge
  • Are excited to engage in a variety of activities outside of the classroom
  • Are committed to dismantling systems of oppression and inequality
  • Have a long list of creative project ideas that’s always growing
  • Are motivated by learning, as opposed to GPA
  • Are open to changing your beliefs when presented with new information
  • Are interested in getting involved as a leader in college (bonus if it’s for the first time!)

To be an Honors student you DON’T have to…

  • Be recognized, whether that be by yourself or educators as an “Honors” or “gifted” student
  • Be Able bodied, white, cisgender, male, heterosexual, US citizen, or a native English speaker
  • Have pursued or participated in Honors programs throughout K-12
  • Be dedicated to sacrificing your well being or happiness for grades

You may be especially interested in the Interdisciplinary Honors pathway if you…

  • Regularly engage in self-reflection for academic and personal growth
  • See value in a range of academic subjects (which may make choosing one major difficult)
  • Want to engage with your local, national, or global community
  • Are interested in building community with your peers across disciplines
  • Value spaces with diverse people, experiences, and ideas
  • Relish the questions in life that have no clear answer
  • Enjoy finding connections across academic subjects
  • Question the status quo (why you are taught information, what is being left out, and how curriculum can be improved to be more inclusive)
  • Enjoy discussion based learning
  • Desire to become more empathetic and aware
  • Want to learn about diverse cultures and communities

Interdisciplinary Honors is a dynamic space for interdisciplinary thinking on campus.

Interdisciplinary Honors students…

  • Satisfy their general education degree requirements through small, interdisciplinary, discussion based courses with faculty from across campus
  • Are involved across the university, sharing their enthusiastic engagement with their communities – local, national, and international
  • Practice reflection via an online portfolio, which serves as an archive of their academic and experiential work

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