Studying abroad with Honors is more than just visiting another country; it’s engaging in global citizenship through interdisciplinary immersion. International engagement operates on a continuum with possibilities that range from fully-structured programs with other UW students to direct exchanges with partner universities and from open-ended independent research to work with internationally-focused organizations based in the Seattle area.

Study-abroad programs meet Honors experiential learning requirements while fulfilling general education and degree credits across arts, sciences and humanities in vibrant locations across many continents. Honors prefix courses fulfill the “W” additional writing requirements, and many of these programs also fulfill “DIV” diversity requirements. Note: Honors students must complete an Honors experiential Learning application in order to obtain experiential learning credits.


Summer & Early Fall Start/Exploration Seminar Programs


Summer A-term – Cancelled- Moved to Summer A 2022

Italy: from Crisis to “Crisis”— Disaster, Migration, Politics and Art (Honors/Jackson School/Environmental Health)

Dates, approx: June 22 – July 18, 2021 | 12 credits

This program will explore how Italian society has experienced, constructed, and coped with crises both real and imagined from ancient times to the present. Drawing on history, political science, public health, security studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, literature, and art history, we’ll tackle the social challenges presented by two very different phenomena: natural disasters and migration. As you immerse yourself in the complexities of contemporary Italy this summer, you’ll live in the UW Rome Center’s 15th-century Palazzo Pio in the heart of Rome and enjoy an excursion to Pompeii.

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Summer B-term – Cancelled 

Sweden/Iceland: Justice in the Nordic Regions (Honors, Scandinavian Studies)

Dates, approx: July 23 – August 19, 2021 | 12 credits

Explore justice, gender and identity in Iceland and Sweden while learning a few basics of Nordic languages. Explore the cultural history of Iceland through medieval saga literature, then delve into contemporary Swedish culture and society through readings from crime fiction and popular Nordic Noir. You’ll continually reflect on questions about power structures, access to justice, cultural identity, and intersections of gender, class, race, and religion. Enjoy site visits in Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Uppsala, plus excursions to nearby towns and a variety of guest lectures.

There are no prerequisites for this program and English speakers will have no trouble navigating our host countries.

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Early Fall Start/Exploration Seminar

Netherlands (iSchool & Honors) Dutch Designs: Innovation in Library, Museum, and Information Services in the Netherlands

Dates, approx: August 21 – September 18, 2021 | 5 credits graduate/5 credits undergraduate

Meet professionals from Dutch academic, research, and cultural organizations, while exploring Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, and other points of interest in the Netherlands. How do libraries, museums, and information services engage with diverse populations in everyday operations and in attempts at innovative programs? We’ll meet with international experts during guided visits (in line with public health dictates) through examples of interdisciplinary innovation in action, complimented by playful outings, readings and class discussions. You’ll delve into the evolution of cultural heritage institutions abroad and in the U.S., with special focus on how this sector addresses contemporary social problems.

Open to undergraduate students from any major and all iSchool students, including those in the MLIS and MSIM programs, as well as museology masters program students. No prerequisites and there will be a mandatory single-day orientation session vs. for-credit prep seminar. English speakers will have no trouble navigating this program nor host country.

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Rome – Staging the City: Performance, Power, and Identity in Rome from Empire to Mussolini
Dates, approx.: August 23 – September 17, 2021 | 5 credits

Using the city of Rome ans 2000 years of performance traditions, literature, painting, and architecture, interdisciplinary city-based humanities course considers a single site: Rome and how Rome fashioned and re-fashioned its own charismatic image of imperial and cultural power first as the heart of the Roman Empire, then as the capital of Christendom, later as a city of Papal Princes, the epicenter of high culture on any European tour, and finally Mussolini’s restoration of Empire. How Rome created its unique, charismatic position in European history is largely a product of its own performance of identity. Rome the city invented Rome the idea and those acts of invention can be read as a powerful performance of civic identity. Combining tours of the city with plays, art works, pageants, gladiatorial games and opera, all staged to promote the values of Rome, we consider how Rome fashioned its own identity as the center of power and culture.

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Spain’s Basque Country to the Camino de Santiago: identity, language, and memory
Dates, approx.: August 23 – September 21, 2021 | 5 credits

Students will learn about Spain’s history, culture, politics, and identities through readings, local guest speakers, and on-site exploration of arts and culture. The program will travel to Madrid, San Sabastian, and Leon while considering regional differences, including language and ‘race” as related to diasporas within Spain. A particular focus of the program is a consideration of border identities and epistemological questions of power and privilege related to ‘race’, language and gender. Students will read a range of Spanish writers (in translation, with optional Spanish) and learn about the complexities of Spain and its diverse population. 

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HONORS STUDY ABROAD FAQS: Group Advising Sessions

Learn about the application process, how credits work, funding, experiential learning, setting expectations, and more!

Exchange Programs and Direct Study

In addition to our summer study abroad programs, the Honors Program encourages students to consider Direct Exchange programs run through UW’s central study abroad office. Many programs qualify for Honors credit and we facilitated our own partnerships with the following universities. You can learn more about all of UW’s Direct study opportunities HERE.

Current Honors-facilitated Direct Exchange

Tokyo, Japan (Waseda University Global Leadership Fellows Program)

In the Global Leadership Fellows Program (full academic year required), students will participate in English based courses from one of five schools: Commerce, International Liberal Studies, Political Science and Economics, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences. In addition, students will participate in a US-Japan Zemi, or collaborative seminar. Within seminar groups, students from various disciplines will conduct joint research. Students will also take part in Global Leadership Fellows Forums, where all Fellows in the program will meet each week for guest lectures and discussion. Outside of this core curriculum, Fellows may also participate in Global Leadership Studies, Language Studies, and Volunteer Activities. Students wishing to take courses in the School of Science and Engineering at Waseda must have Junior status at the University of Washington. Students will also take Japanese language courses and in order to be considered as a viable applicant to this program must be current engaged in Japanese language learning or plan to take preparation classes prior to arriving in Japan.   Application deadline Nov. 30, 2020 for the August 2021-July 2022 academic year.

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San Andrés Universidad, Buenos Aires, Argentina Direct Study

If you are proficient in Spanish (minimum of two years college level Spanish or native speaker, or fluent in the language), you may apply for the direct study to San Andrés University in Argentina. To learn more click here!

Direct Exchanges to the Netherlands

Honors partners with the UW Study Abroad office to offer direct exchanges in the Netherlands.  To learn more about these exchanges click here for Utrecht and here for Maastricht!

Other Useful Resources and Opportunities

Study Abroad Ad Hoc Honors

Students may receive Honors core credit for work completed on a non-Honors study abroad program by creating and completing an additional ad hoc Honors project designed to supplement the regular study abroad experience. It is assumed that any Honors student who exercises this option is interested in pursuing the subject to a greater depth and with more intensity and is prepared to undertake the extra work. More About Ad Hoc Honors Credit

Independent International Study

In addition to the study abroad courses, students may also embark on an international study project of their own choosing for Honors credit. This option is for motivated students prepared to show initiative and invest a great deal of time and energy. Students must have a faculty adviser to do independent study. Be sure to consult with an Honors adviser before pursuing this option! More About Honors Independent International Study

The Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Bonderman Fellowships enable students to undertake independent international travel to explore, be open to the unexpected, and come to know the world in new ways. Available to UW graduate students (including those in the Law and Business Schools and other graduate and professional programs) and undergraduate students in the University Honors Program (Interdisciplinary, Departmental or College Honors) and in UW Tacoma’s Global Honors Program, this fellowship gives students the opportunity to travel independently for at least eight months, to at least six countries, in at least two regions of the world. These are no credit fellowships and fellows are not allowed to study or do research. More About the Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Travel Logs

Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or potential international partner, please take a moment to check out the experiences of past Honors students on our Blogs and Profiles pages.

UW Study Abroad

The UW Study Abroad website hosts a wealth of information for students interested in studying abroad, including:

Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity (EXPD)

EXPD is home to the UW Global Opportunities Scholarships, which are scholarships for students studying abroad. Application dates change on a quarterly basis, so be sure to check their website for the latest deadlines.

The Gilman Scholarship Program

The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad and was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide. More About the Gilman Scholarship

Other UW Resources

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