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Submit an Honors Course Proposal


The Honors Program, a division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, is accepting course proposals from individuals in all disciplines interested in working with motivated undergraduates eager to take on intellectual risks and deepen their university experience.

Through the Honors Program’s interdisciplinary curriculum, students from across campus work with instructors in challenging classes and engage in experiential learning via research, service, international experiences, leadership, and internships.

Faculty teaching in Honors are part of the Program community and are asked to attend workshops (approximately two hours) in autumn and spring quarter, as well as attend selected events to promote mentorship opportunities for both students and instructors alike. It is also expected that our instructors incorporate the educational goals of the Honors Program and promote reflection by incorporating the Honors portfolio into course assignments, ideally using the portfolio as a portal for these reflective assignments.

Honors classes are a wonderful opportunity to experiment with either substance and/or pedagogy that you may have been thinking about but have not had space or time to develop in your regular teaching load. The Honors Program provides compensation to departments through either replacement TA or instructor funds, or direct compensation to faculty.

If you are currently scheduled to teach in the Honors Program during the 2019-2020 year and are interested in teaching during 2020-2021, we ask that you submit a course proposal to ensure that your course continues to be considered for our line-up during 2020-2021.

The deadline for proposal submission is November 1, 2019 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

We are also accepting proposals for our international programs as well as our Interdisciplinary Honors Field Studies Program.  Field Studies courses are purposefully designed to allow students to explore interdisciplinary education through experience and to examine important connections between community, place, and classroom and provide an exciting alternative to international programs emphasizing student exploration of the diversity and complexity of our own region and country.

Submit your proposal for a Summer 2020 Field Studies or International Program proposal using the Honors course proposal form.  International Program proposals have an earlier deadline of July 1, 2019 and Summer/Field Studies proposals are due November 1, 2019.

If proposing a course at this time is not possible, please consider the following:

  1. “Wither” or “Cross-list” a course. In select situations, we work with departments across campus to make cross-listed courses available within our core curriculum. To be “withered” or more formally “cross-listed”, course content should reflect Honors-level expectations and educational objectives.
  2. Offer an Honors section as part of your larger lecture course. Honors sections must require additional and/or different work, at an Honors level, distinguishing them from other sections. If proposing a section or “wither” of a graduate course, then no adjustment to the curriculum is necessary.
  3. Refer talented UW instructors to our program.

Submit an Honors Course Proposal

Contact Information

Please contact the Director and Associate Director for more information on teaching in Honors and joining our vibrant community:

Victoria Lawson
Director, University Honors Program

Julie S. Villegas
Associate Director, University Honors Program

Aley Willis, Director, Academic Services, Field Studies Lead,