University of Washington Honors Program

Honors Peer Facilitators (PFs) are leaders in the Honors community. They are integral in welcoming, mentoring, and informing incoming Honors students. In autumn quarter, PFs lead a small section of Honors 100 students, focused on building community and sharing their insights and experiences with the Honors curriculum, community, and resources. To prepare for autumn, Peer Facilitators will attend retreats and meetings throughout the spring and summer that focus on skill development and program planning. Throughout autumn quarter, Peer Facilitators will meet with their PF cohort and the Honors 100 instructor to discuss questions, concerns, and challenges while facilitating Honors 100 sections.

What do Peer Facilitators Do?

Spring & Summer – Preparation and Training

In the spring, Peer Facilitators will meet their fellow cohort members and begin preparation for the autumn quarter alongside the Honors 100 instructor. Honors PFs will begin to develop facilitation plans, grow their facilitation skills, reflect on their personal strengths and areas of growth, and build a supportive community with one another. PFs will be given an outline of the activities and goals of each section of Honors 100 that they will lead that will help guide their facilitation plans. PFs will then work collaboratively with the Honors 100 instructor throughout the summer to further develop and revise their facilitation plans as well as receive feedback and support. Right before autumn quarter begins, the PFs will attend a mini retreat to work on final preparations for Honors 100. 

Autumn – HONORS 100 

In the autumn quarter, Peer Facilitators will lead one section (12 -18 registered Honors 100 students), for a total of three times throughout the quarter. PFs will serve as mentors to students in your section, sharing your insights and experiences with the Honors curriculum, community, and resources with new Honors students. You will also meet with your PF cohort and the Honors 100 instructor to share ideas and receive support. 

Requirements and Key Dates

  • Attendance and participation in the all-day spring retreat on Saturday, May 18th, 9 AM – 5 PM on campus. Attendance and completion of the retreat is REQUIRED to act as a Peer Facilitator.
  • Attendance and participation in a half-day pre-autumn retreat on Saturday, September 21st from 1 PM – 4 PM via Zoom. We will have an optional community gathering on-campus afterwards. 
  • Completion of two remote check-ins with the Honors 100 instructor over the summer (times and dates TBD)
  • Facilitation of an Honors 100 section three times throughout autumn quarter, attendance at 3 Honors 100 lectures, and attendance at 3 check-in meetings throughout autumn quarter
    • Honors 100 lecture/section time: Mondays OR Tuesdays, 3:30 PM-4:50 PM
    • PF autumn check-in meetings: Thursdays, 10/3, 10/17, and 10/31, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Individual time devoted outside of  meeting times in spring and autumn quarter to effectively prepare for individual Honors 100 sections

Responsibilities and Benefits


  • Attend 1 in-person spring retreat, 2 remote summer meetings, and 1 late-summer remote retreat
  • Plan and organize activities for Honors 100 sections, focusing on community building, mentorship, and knowledge sharing
  • Lead facilitation of one section of 12-18 Honors 100 students three times during autumn quarter
  • Attend and support facilitation of in-class activities in 3 HONORS 100 large lecture sessions
  • Attend 3 check-in meetings in the autumn quarter
  • In collaboration with the Honors 100 instructor, guide Honors 100 students through milestones of a quarter long group project which engages them in interdisciplinary learning, and the Honors Program curriculum
  • Foster a welcoming, supportive community within Honors 100 and Honors Program by providing mentorship and support to our newest Honors students in the autumn quarter


  • Have fun and build community with our newest Honors Huskies and the Peer Facilitator cohort!
  • Priority Registration for an Honors course: All PF’s will be invited to request priority registration for one Honors course offered in the winter OR spring quarter
  • Experiential Learning: This experience is eligible for application to the Honors Program Experiential Learning leadership or community engagement/service requirement
  • Receive Honors branded swag 
  • Develop and grow your facilitation, leadership, collaboration, and mentorship skills

Eligibility to apply

Any current Interdisciplinary Honors students that have completed HONORS 100 are eligible to apply.

Apply Now!

The Peer Facilitator Application for 2024 will open on Monday, March 4th, 2024 and will close on Wednesday, March 27th at 9:00 am PST.

2024 Peer Facilitator Application

2024 Application Timeline & Process

Recruitment & Selection Process Dates & Details
Application Opens Application opens Monday, March 4th, 2024 via online submission
Information Sessions Attend an optional information session to hear more about the position and ask questions:
Tuesday, February 27th, from 1:30-2:30pm | MGH 211 | RSVP here.
Monday, March 25th from 3:30-4:30pm | Zoom | Link here.
Application Deadline Applications are due Wednesday, March 27, 2024, by 9:00am PST via online submission
Interview Offers All candidates will receive an email from between Thursday, March 28th 2024 and Monday, April 1st, by 5pm PST regarding an invitation to interview for the PF role
Interview Offer Response Deadline If selected, please sign up for an interview date and time by Wednesday, April 3rd at 9am PST. Failure to meet this deadline will forfeit your candidacy.
Interview Confirmation Interview date, time and details will be emailed to you by Thursday, April 4th at 5pm PST
Group Interviews Group interviews will take place between April 3rd-11th, 2024, exact times TBD
Peer Facilitator Status Notifications All candidates will receive an email from Monday, April 15th by 5 PM PST informing them of their status of being selected for the Peer Facilitator opportunity
Deadline to Accept If selected, candidates will have until Monday, April 22nd at 9:00am PST to accept or decline

Common Questions

What type of qualifications, skills, or characteristics are you looking for in a Peer Facilitator candidate?

You don’t need to have extensive leadership, public speaking or curriculum planning experience to be selected as a Peer Facilitator, however, you do need to have a desire to challenge yourself, learn, and grow throughout the preparation and facilitation of HONORS 100 with the support of your peers, instructor, and Honors staff.
Here are some qualities we look for in potential Peer Facilitators, please note that this list is not extensive:
– Desire to understand and apply the values of educational equity, as well as a desire to create an inclusive and supportive classroom environment
– Ability to speak through personal experience, and a willingness to share some of those personal experiences/stories with your students
– Creativity and enthusiasm for supporting the Honors Program and larger UW community
– Strong organizational and time management skills; demonstrated ability to balance a variety of activities, including academics and extracurricular activities.
– Demonstrated involvement on campus or in the community OR articulated desire to build leadership experience
– Ability to articulate the value and purpose of assignments and activities
– Strong interpersonal communication skills: ability to work well with peers, new students, staff; ability to listen and respond to individuals’ questions and concerns; ability to help others problem solve and make decisions.
– Collaboration skills- be open to learning from and with fellow PFs, your students, and instructor
Public speaking ability- be comfortable presenting in front of an audience of 15–20 people and facilitating discussions AND/OR have a desire to improve and a willingness to challenge yourself

What type of activities will I be facilitating as a Peer Facilitator?

HONORS 100 Lecture Sessions
Peer Facilitators are expected to attend a total of 3 large lecture sessions of HONORS 100 in the autumn quarter. During the large lecture sessions, PFs will support facilitation of small group discussions and activities. Discussions and activities in the large lecture will focus mostly on relationship-building, knowledge sharing, and debriefing Honors events (ex: Global Challenges). You will also provide guidance and feedback to students as they work on their group project. Since the group project is new to HONORS 100, we will spend time during the training and preparation period to understand its goals and expectations.

HONORS 100 Sections
During the small sections, Peer Facilitators will lead a small group of 15-18 students the entirety of the 80-minute section. There will be a total of 3 sessions with the goals/activities outlined below:
1. Community Building & Group Project Formation: PFs will lead icebreakers and an activity to help students decide their group project interest and form groups
2. Student Panel: Each PF will organize their own Honors student panel, consisting of current 3rd & 4th year students and recent alumni. PFs can tap into their own network and/or work with an Honors staff member to connect to other students and recent alumni.
3. Social and/or Educational Outing: spend more time connecting and getting to know the campus or its surrounding area with your students by organizing an outing on/near campus.

What is the time commitment like?

Please see the Requirements and Key Deadlines section above for more information about the retreats, meetings, as well as other required events. Preparation time spent outside of scheduled meeting and retreat times is up to the discretion of each Peer Facilitator. Considerable outside preparation time is not expected.