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The Honors Program draws upon a range of talented instructors from across UW to help structure and breathe life into our curriculum.

Our instructors represent a broad range of disciplines from Atmospheric Sciences to Asian Languages and Literatures and everything in between.

Take a look at our Honors Courses page or our Faculty List to see who’s teaching for us!

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UW faculty from a wide variety of major departments are recognized and supported in curricular (and extracurricular) growth through a range of prestigious Honors Program awards and grants.

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Honors Council

The Honors Council supports our mission of expansive innovative critical thinking and global consciousness through interdisciplinary education.
Honors Council

The Honors Program encourages course proposals on a rolling basis. If you are interested in teaching for the Honors Program, please take a look at our Call for Proposals page as well as our General Teaching Overview to preview how Honors classes are structured and what is expected in an Honors course.