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We offer Honors accelerated science and math sequences on the following schedule:

Autumn quarters Winter quarters Spring quarters
Honors General Chemistry CHEM 145

Placement info

CHEM 155 CHEM 165
Honors Organic Chemistry* CHEM 335 CHEM 336 (Honors lab, CHEM 346, also available) CHEM 337 (Honors lab, CHEM 347, also available)
Honors Physical Chemistry CHEM 475
Honors Accelerated Calculus MATH 134 MATH 135 MATH 136
Honors Accelerated Advanced Calculus MATH 334 MATH 335 MATH 336
Honors Physics PHYS 141 PHYS 142 PHYS 143
Honors Computer Science

(see below)

CSE 142, CSE 143 + CSE 390 CSE 142, CSE 143 + CSE 390 CSE 142, CSE 143 + CSE 390

*Honors Organic Chemistry labs (CHEM 346 & 347) do not fulfill additional Interdisciplinary Honors Core requirements. Students may be required to take O Chem labs for other requirements (ie, major requirements or pre-medical requirements) but those courses do not count towards the 47 credits needed to complete the Interdisciplinary Honors requirements.

These courses may not be appropriate for all students and each department has set certain entrance requirements to gauge “fit” for these courses (ie, placement test, AP/IB test score, etc). Review the full course descriptions for those details and how to register. 

Compiled by the UAA Advising staff, these are primarily 100- and 200-level courses that have few or no prerequisites. Many of them fulfill General Education requirements. Included are new and unique offerings, courses that provide a good introduction to a major or field of study, and courses that are great for challenging your ideas about the Areas of Knowledge.

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