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For general inquiries or to be directed to an appropriate staff member, please contact the Honors Program front desk via our contact form, at uwhonors@uw.edu, or by phone at (206) 543-7444.

Honors Staff

Stephanie Smallwood

Stephanie Smallwood




Here in Honors I… oversee all aspects of the program in my role as Director but focus especially on working with partners on and off campus to make sure we have the resources we need to serve as many students as we can.

I like thinking about & studying… I majored in African Studies as an undergrad and then earned a PhD in U.S. History with a focus on the transatlantic slave trade and slavery, so I spend a lot of time in my research thinking about the intersections of colonialism, slavery, race, and capitalism. I especially enjoy designing courses that help students understand how those aspects of the distant past profoundly shape our world today. I also really enjoy learning about gardening in the Pacific Northwest, and love to be outdoors tossing a ball for my dog.

My first week in college… I signed up for calculus because I didn’t understand that I was finally able to choose what I wanted to study. I’d done horribly in calculus in high school, and no surprise, I failed it my first semester as an undergrad. I think my jaw dropped when an academic advisor told me I could have just dropped the class.

Juliana Villegas

Juliana Villegas

Associate Director



Here in Honors I… coordinate the curriculum & recruit faculty from across campus and within the local and international communities. I am also lead in coordinating & managing international programs in Honors, so I develop (and teach!) study abroad programs. I also teach Honors 496, and am affiliate faculty in the English Department.

I like thinking about & studying… comparative global critical mixed race and border studies research related to immigration and migration. I think about international education and the importance of learning about other cultures as we learn about our own culture, and how one informs the other. I also enjoy writing both poetry and prose.

My first week in college… was at the University of New Mexico and, being a first-generation student, I was afraid I’d say the wrong thing and expose my ignorance. I remained very quiet the first semester – but second semester I took my first English class. I found my voice in that American Literature course.

Aley Mills Willis

Aley Mills Willis

Director of Academic Services



Here in Honors I… oversee our Academic Services for students. This includes leading our advising program, meeting with students, brainstorming and implementing ideas for student leadership development & experiential learning programs, and working across the UW to help Honors students develop their education & connect with their community in meaningful ways.

I like thinking about & studying… I studied English Literature as an undergrad and Education as a grad student. It’s no surprise I really like stories. I like reading stories. I like hearing stories that students have to tell. And I like helping students develop their story through education. I am also especially interested in the intersections of arts, culture & the natural world and do a lot of thinking and direct action in those areas.

My first week in college… was really exciting! I was excited to have moved to a new part of the country. I was nervous because I didn’t know a single person. I was in awe of the size and scope of UW. I was already deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest. I also drank A LOT of coffee.

Brook Kelly

Brook Kelly

Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives and Admissions



Here in Honors I… work on admissions, the Bonderman Fellowship, advising students and much more. I’ve worked for the Honors Program for many years, so have done just about everything there is to do here and am always happy to help!

I like thinking about & studying… gender equality, human rights, maternal health, tramping the high country, zymurgy, global & local politics, traveling to remote places, growing my own food, cooking & canning that food, reading (good fiction & outdoor adventure stories are my favorites), and working on my house.

My first week in college… I managed to sit through an entire hour of the wrong class because I was too embarrassed to get up & leave when the instructor said “Anyone who isn’t here for Poli Sci 200 should leave now.” Turns out I was in the right place – just an hour early!

Ami Koreh

Ami Koreh

Senior Computing Specialist



Here in Honors I… build and maintain our technologies including websites, software, and databases to make sure our staff can focus on serving students as individuals instead of numbers on spreadsheets.

I like thinking about & studying… applying technology to solve interesting problems in different and effective ways. I like creating new tools, making things more useful, and improving accessibility for all individuals. I also have a background in Sociology and Economics, which I always like to continue to examine through research, news, and discussions.

My first week in college… I had a great time making friends in my dorm and trying to figure out a good class schedule.

Carey Christie

Carey Christie

Alumni Relations & Communications Specialist



Here in Honors I… build community by noticing ways faculty, staff, students & alumni can collaborate with each other and build lasting relationships. Then I try to share those stories in a way that will benefit others at UW and in the general public. 

I like thinking about… helping talented, passionate individuals find their place in the world, gain momentum together, and drive positive change. Mostly I do this by connecting them to resources and other big thinkers, but sometimes I do it just by asking the right questions at the right time.

My first week in college… I cut my hand using an unfamiliar power tool at my new job in Denison’s theater design department. I’ll never forget the true penalty for rushing with power tools: application of iodine (AKA “the sting-y stuff).

Kelly Chapman

Kelly Chapman

Office Administrator



Here in Honors I…help others navigate through UW systems and work to ensure our staff and instructors have everything they need to best serve our students.

I like thinking about and learning more about…birds and wildlife and how they survive in developed areas, landscapes and how I can help by providing a happy place for birds, bees and other insects and how to improve my vegetable and flower gardens.  I enjoy being outside walking the neighborhood, exploring parks with my son, digging in the dirt or helping out in my community.

My first week in college…was a thrill and I couldn’t soak up enough of the new environment.  I was walking around with stars in my eyes until classes started, then I realized the difference between high school and college.

Nadra Fredj

Nadra Fredj

Counseling Services Coordinator


Here in Honors I… advise and counsel prospective and current students in planning and evaluating progress toward academic and professional goals. I also provide support for HONORS 100, the Peer Educator program, and other student leadership opportunities.

I like thinking about & studying… all things equity, but I tend to focus on issues surrounding race, gender, and sexual orientation. I also love learning about criminal justice, social psychology, marine life, mycology, and sustainability!

My first week in college… I went to as many events as I could that gave away free food and tried to figure out the Seattle bus system (there’s no public transportation in the rural areas/suburbs I grew up in).

Shannon Hong

Shannon Hong

Communications & PR Intern


Here in Honors, I… assist with communications, community engagement, and event production. Outside my internship, I direct the Honors Peer Mentoring Program, where I support my peers in developing leadership skills and navigating mentoring relationships.

I like thinking about & studying… the intricacies of the nervous system at the intersection of healthcare, research, and technology. As a senior at UW majoring in Neuroscience, I’m exploring these interests by promoting motor plasticity in animal models and optimizing digital health interventions for pediatric chronic pain. I’m also passionate about disseminating scientific knowledge in accessible ways through graphic design and journalism.

My first week in college… I met with student-inmates at a prison unit to develop a group project for my first Honors course. This once-in-a-lifetime experience transformed my perspectives on education access and incarceration, and engaging in such interdisciplinary learning was the perfect way to begin my journey in the Honors Program.

Fleur Uittenbogaard

Fleur Uittenbogaard

Peer Adviser


Here in Honors I… support students as a peer advisor by helping them navigate the opportunities and resources available to them at the UW. I also assist Honors staff with a variety of projects relating to outreach, administration, and honors events.

I like thinking about and studying… the brain and how our intrinsic neurological systems interact with the outside world and influences. More specifically, I study new ways of pharmacological administration for neuroscience studies, as well as how certain drugs interact with our native systems. I also love to think about interdisciplinary approaches to science, public health, and educational accessibility.

My first week in college… I was late to my first Honors class because I didn’t notice there was a room change and ended up going to a completely different building than where I needed to be. I also went to a LOT of campus events, tried boba for the first time, and befriended my roomate.

Liv Thomas

Graduate Staff Assistant


Here in Honors, I… manage the front desk of the Honors office, if you stop by during the week I’ll likely be there to welcome you into our space! I also respond to email and telephone inquiries to answer questions about Honors and guide people to the appropriate resources. I additionally support the Academic Services and Admissions teams with projects and assemble information for the Honors blog. It’s also my job to make sure the office is clean and comfortable for all of our students, staff, and faculty!

I like thinking about & studying… anti-carceral approaches to advocacy and care. As a second-year Master’s student in the School of Social Work, I chose to specialize in the Community-Centered Integrative Practice track. I am particularly interested in collective birth work and postpartum practices and hope to complete my doula training once I graduate from UW! Outside of the classroom, I love learning about the plants native to our region, mutual aid practices, and household DIYs.

My first week in college… I signed up for way too many clubs and activities! I was so excited to start making connections and step out of my comfort zone that I went a bit overboard. Although it was overwhelming to narrow down my list of commitments, once I figured out what I was really interested in I had a great time. One of my boldest choices was to play Women’s Rugby, where I ended up meeting many people who are still some of my closest friends.