University of Washington Honors Program

Applying to Interdisciplinary Honors

There are three ways to apply to Interdisciplinary Honors:

  • First-year admission for applicants simultaneously applying for first-year admission to the University of Washington;
  • Second-Year admission for students already enrolled at the UW, in spring quarter of their first year on campus; and
  • Transfer admission for transfer students admitted to the UW and who have either participated in honors programs at their previous institution or who have strong college academic records.

If you are interested in applying to Departmental Honors, please visit our Departmental Honors page.

Incoming Student Scholarships

Admitted Interdisciplinary Honors students are automatically considered for a number of scholarships as part of their application process to the Honors Program. Students cannot apply for these scholarships; no separate application is required or will be accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t answered here or on one of our admissions pages (First-year, Second-Year, or Transfer)? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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How do we evaluate applications?

We evaluate applications holistically, looking to understand the entirety of the student’s experiences, and we are eager to ensure our community represents and includes complex and dynamic perspectives necessary to true scholarship. So when we review your application we are reading your essays looking for interest in interdisciplinary thinking and learning, for self awareness and engagement with your community, and for a deep commitment to learning outside your comfort zone.

Who should apply to Interdisciplinary Honors?

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program seeks students who:

  • want to think in complex ways about big global challenges.
  • Have and have not participated in an honors program before.
  • have a deep curiosity about the world.

Our experience has shown us that students who enter Interdisciplinary Honors for the wrong reasons either end up leaving or completing it with less satisfaction than anticipated. It is critical, then, that students, parents, teachers, and counselors consider the values and goals of the UW Honors Program before students apply. Those who commit to our broader concept of a college education report that they have been transformed by the experience. It is this quality that makes our program truly distinctive.

Consider, does Interdisciplinary Honors might fit into your educational goals?