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The University of Washington Honors Program adds rich dimension to one of the world’s top research universities for undergraduates who are up to the challenge. Students have three options to benefit from our Program: as an interdisciplinary education track, as an in-depth program within their majors, or as a combination of the two. Our core interdisciplinary curriculum promotes expansive critical thinking, engaged global citizenship, and comprehensive learning that builds resilience and collaborative practice. Students may apply to the Honors Program as new freshmen, at the end of their first year, or once they've selected a major.

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Drumheller fountain, Mount Rainer in the background

Hey, UW freshmen who thinks across boundaries:

January 19, 2018 | Interdisciplinary Honors WANTS YOU to apply for second year admission!

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program at UW promotes expansive, innovative thinking and conscious global citizenship. Most students apply while seeking admission to the University of Washington, but every year we are delighted to invite a cohort of engaged UW freshmen to join our vibrant community of lifelong learners. Why should YOU research our program and find out...

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Ga-Young Jin, '17 isolating RNA from mouse liver tissue.

Alumni Spotlight – Ga-Young RA at Seattle VA

November 30, 2017 | By Ga-Young Jin, '17

Hi, my name is Ga-Young and I work as a research assistant at the VA in Seattle! My lab is doing research about liver cancer and disease, specifically on the effects of a high cholesterol and fat diet. Being a research assistant at the VA has been a dream! I have the wonderful opportunity to...

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Kate Starbird, Resat Kasaba, Randy Engstrom, and Ed Taylor at Global Challenges - Nov 15, 2017

Interdisciplinary Talk on Civic Discord Raises Hard Questions

November 16, 2017 | by student writer, Soo-Young Lee

Click HERE to learn more about the speakers and listen to the audio recording of our recent Global Challenges discussion about civic discord. By Soo Young Lee On the evening of November 15, 2017, the HUB North Ballroom held more than 400 people seeking to explore the issue of civic discord. This was the topic...

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