Aley Mills Willis

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Aley Mills Willis

Aley Mills Willis

Assistant Director
Director of Academic Services and Student Affairs


Here in Honors I… contribute to the overall leadership of the program as well as oversee our academic services and student affairs efforts for students. This includes leading our advising program, meeting with students, brainstorming and implementing ideas for student leadership development & experiential learning programs, and working across the UW to help Honors students develop their education & connect with their community in meaningful ways.

I like thinking about & studying… I studied English literature as an undergraduate and Education as a graduate student. It is no surprise that I really like stories. I like reading stories. I like hearing stories that students have to tell. And I like helping students develop their own unique story through education. I am also especially interested in the intersections of arts, culture & the natural world and do a lot of thinking and direct action in those areas.

My first week in college… was really exciting! I was excited to have moved to a new part of the country. I was nervous because I didn’t know a single person. I was in awe of the size and scope of UW. I was already deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest. I also drank A LOT of coffee.

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