Graduate-level coursework

An Honors by Contract option

Applying graduate-level coursework towards your Honors requirements

Winter 2018 Due Dates
By... You must have...
Monday, Jan 15 @ 9:00am Submitted a complete application for graduate-level coursework happening this quarter
Wednesday, Jan 17 @ 5:00pm Received a confirmation email stating that an Honors adviser has approved or denied your application
Tuesday, Jan 23 @ 9:00am Submitted any revisions for graduate-level coursework denied by an Honors adviser
Thursday, Jan 25 @ 9:00am Received adviser approval for any revisions made to an application that was initially denied.

Students may take approved four- or five-credit graduate-level (500-level or above) courses (with 50 people or less) to earn Interdisciplinary Honors credit. Students must complete and submit the Graduate-level Honors credit form to the Honors Program to apply the course towards the Interdisciplinary Honors requirements. Graduate courses will ONLY count in the "Additional Any" category of the Core curriculum. Please contact an Honors adviser in advance of submitting the form if you have questions about whether the graduate course you are considering is eligible.

Joint-listed graduate+undergraduate courses

Some graduate-level courses are jointly listed with undergraduate (4xx and below) courses; students may enroll using either course number depending on how they want the course to appear on their UW transcript.

  • If you will be enrolling with the 5xx or above course number, simply use the graduate-level credit form linked on this page.
  • If you will be enrolling with the 4xx or below course number, you should use the Ad Hoc Honors form instead and indicate in the written sections that the course is being taught at a graduate level. After being approved by the Honors Program, it will go on to your instructor for final approval to ensure they are aware of the arrangement.