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Honors Courses for Spring 2013

Jan 30, 2013

Although we've barely made a dent in Winter quarter, it's already time to start thinking about spring. Cherry blossoms! Sunshine! New classes! In that spirit, the Spring 2013 Time Schedule is up and running, and, even better, we've also just posted full course descriptions for all Spring Honors courses on the Honors courses website. Start shopping! There are lots of fantastic new classes being offered, as well as a few popular favorites returning to the lineup.

Please note that some additions and changes are still being made. If there are discrepancies between our website and the Time Schedule, please go by our website and rest assured those discrepancies will be fixed.

Here's some general guidelines to keep in mind about registration:

  • Most Honors courses function just like any other class at UW, meaning you don't need to do anything special to register for them. You will be able to register for your Honors class on the same day as all your other classes, which is determined by your number of credits earned at UW, and is listed on MyUW. All you need to register for HONORS courses is the SLN, handily available on both our courses website and the Honors Time Schedule. Exceptions to the nothing-special rule are noted below and on the courses website.
  • Honors Math, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics courses are restricted by add code/prerequisite. Check our courses website for these requirements and the correct contact person for registration.
  • You will need an add code for Honors sections of ARCH, ART, and JSIS. Add codes for these classes are distributed by the Honors staff. You can pick one up starting Monday, February 11, 9am-5pm, in MGH 211, first come, first served. If you're currently enrolled in either Honors ARCH or JSIS and wish to continue the sequence next quarter, you may email me (before February 11) for an add code.
  • We keep waitlists for add code restricted courses but no others (that means Honors sections of ARCH, ART, and JSIS). You can monitor enrollment of all other classes via the Time Schedule.
  • Prep seminars for Honors summer study abroad programs: add codes for these seminars will be distributed once decisions regarding participation are made. For now, hang tight and be sure your application(s) is/are in by the (quickly approaching) deadline!

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