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Honors Bangalore Program Featured in The Hindu

Aug 20, 2013

The work of Professor Anu Taranath and her group of UW Honors students was recently featured in The Hindu

For the last ten years, Professor Taranath has taken groups of students to Bangalore, India to study the untold consequences of globalization and liberalization in one of the world's most up and coming cities. The group of undergraduate students had the chance to intimately interact with the culture and people of Bangalore. One student noted the unique value of this nontraditional educational experience, "We often study theory, but here, we get a human perspective."

Taranath suggests that the perspectives students gain on the situation in Bangalore can be incredibly significant to their life back at the UW, "The students realise 'the world is not just me.' What about those I don't intersect with? When you introduce students to these interconnections, they want to learn more. There are layers to society anywhere and they want to understand how things work, their place as Americans in the world."

Read more about the work of Professor Taranath and her students here.