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LSJ Honors Students Present Work on Juvenile Detention

Aug 12, 2013

Last March, ten LSJ Honors students had the exciting opportunity to present their research at Columbia Legal Services in downtown Seattle. These students had spent two quarters of the academic year investigating the implications of holding juveniles in adult jails.

This project initially began as a core component of the LSJ 489 Honors class and later evolved into a group project. These motivated students conducted numerous interviews with prison staff and the inmates themselves. Their research revealed valuable statistics about juvenile incarceration as well as suprising insights from young inmates.

Professor Steve Herbert, who led LSJ 489, commented "This course posed a very difficult challenge: to gather and analyze a sizable amount of data, and to work cooperatively in doing so. I cannot imagine a group of students performing theses tasks better than this group did." You can read more about these students' impressive work here.