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2014 Honors Program Photo Contest

Feb 24, 2014

Guess what time it is? Time for the 2014 Honors Program Photo Contest! The Honors Program invites you to submit your best photos from your Honors Program study abroad, service, leadership, research, experiential learning program or any other Honors event that occurred this past year.

This year's theme is: GRATITUDE. Feel free to approach the theme however you'd like, all we ask is that you explain your thoughts in your submission.

What do you get? Fame and notoriety, of course! Okay, maybe only some notoriety, but possibly fame, and definitely oodles of appreciation! Also, winning photos will be framed and displayed in the Honors reception gallery for at least one year. Submission Deadline is Midnight, March 31, 2014

Interested? Please follow this link to the submission form and guidelines.

Questions? Please direct them to Nick Cutlip at cutlipn@uw.edu.