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Go! Get Out of the Country!

Oct 24, 2014

Over 1000 students visited the annual Study Abroad Fair at the HUB on October 24 to learn about the 500+ study abroad options offered by the University of Washington. The University Honors Program was among the 30 UW departments and 19 affiliated organizations offering international experiences to adventurous undergraduate and graduate scholars. 

Photo of Greg Hicks and Anabelen Casares
Anabelen Casares (U. of León) and Greg Hicks (UW)

“These experiences are so valuable and immersive,” said Julie Villegas, Associate Director of the Honors Program and International Programs Director. Law Professor Greg Hicks elaborated on the wonderful diversity of viewpoints expressed during last summer’s León program, Wild Places and Forest Lands: International Environmental Law and Land Management, which he leads again next August/September. “We had Spanish students from the exchange program, a chemistry major, a filmmaker - just a wide range of students,” said Hicks. “All with very different backgrounds and all brought something to the party.”

Honors is thrilled about our new and ongoing faculty-led programs in Italy, Germany, India, Peru, Spain and Romania-Georgia; as well as our direct exchanges to Japan, Netherlands, Argentina, and a UW-wide Honors endorsed exchange to Berlin's Humboldt University (American Studies). We will be hosting info sessions in December and January for hopeful explorers. Find more details here:

Additionally, Comparative History of Ideas is hosting its own study abroad fair on October 29 from 11:30-2:00pm in the Allen Library Research Commons where you can learn more about our co-sponsored Summer 2015 programs in Bangalore, India and Lima, Peru.

Don’t worry if you missed the big event - you still have time to catch up on the many options and resources available to support your wanderlust. Karleigh Koster, who helped organize this year’s campus-wide Study Abroad Fair, suggests that students who couldn’t attend should visit studyabroad.washington.edu to find info. “Or come to our office in 459 Schmitz Hall, where we have an adviser on duty from 10 until 4 every weekday.” For questions specific to the extremely cool International Programs presented by Honors, visit our website (honors.uw.edu/international) and ask your advisers how to get started on your big adventure!