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Apr 6, 2009

Dear UW Honors Seniors,

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! As a graduating senior myself, I am very excited and proud to see so many of my friends and classmates headed off to graduate school, beginning new jobs, entering a research field, or taking time to travel and relax. Regardless of your future plans, I hope that your experience in the Honors Program has complemented both your academic and social lives, and that you've also learned something unexpected and unique along the way.

Every student gains something different from their experiences with the Honors Program. Many of you may have been able to study abroad in exotic locales such as Buenos Aires, Rome or Amsterdam, while others of you may always remember your first course with Clarke Speed or one of the other engaging, passionate professors who teach our courses. Some of you have pursued research or service interests as you write your senior thesis, and others have appreciated the Honors Program computer lab, study rooms, and print service.

Though our experiences have been diverse, I am confident that we are all enthusiastic about planning and supporting the future of the Honors Program. In particular, as wave after wave of talented new students enter their freshman year, I hope that the Honors Program can continue to offer these amazing opportunities.

As you near graduation, please consider supporting the future of our program by visiting the Honors page on the UW Foundation website and donating to our "Friends of the Honors Program" fund. This fund will support the continued growth of the Honors Program and will fund our various events, programs, guest faculty and speakers, and individual student research and travel.

I believe that this is one of the best ways for us graduating seniors to show appreciation for our experience at the Honors Program, and our generosity will be immensely appreciated by future generations of Honors Program students.

Thank you very much, and best of luck as you finish your final quarter.


Spencer James
Honors Student Advisory Panel

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