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2016 Study Abroad Preview

Oct 28, 2015
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The Honors Program ended its 2014-2015 study abroad and exchange programs on a high note with students returning from Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan, as well as cities in the Netherlands, and Romania.  In their own words:

“I am returning to Seattle with new views and ideas about the world. Unfortunately, I saw that racism is an issue around the world. People of immigrant backgrounds face discrimination across Europe. I had previously considered teaching English in Europe over the summers and now feel compelled not only to do this but also to teach global tolerance.”
“My experience in Germany has opened my eyes to the incredibly complex and complicated role of identity within countries, and also the implications of identity (specifically national identities) in the equal treatment of all citizens.”
On Ambiguity
“Not a single topic we covered during this study abroad could be “resolved.” When you are contemplating issues surrounding immigration, identity, and cultural appropriation, there are no clear-cut answers or simple conclusions. In fact, the very nature of these topics is up for debate—who is an immigrant? What is identity? It really is true that the more you learn, the less you feel you know. As you expand your thinking, and as your world becomes bigger, you realized that there is so much more out there to learn. It is both a terrifying and inspiring realization.”
On Independence/Being Alone
“Freedom is riding the U-Bahn with a crunched-up map in hand and a backpack weighing down your shoulders. Freedom is striding around city streets and taking in the view. Freedom is exploring a strange city filled with strangers who speak a language you don’t understand. Freedom is exploring the world alone as a woman. I wandered. Roamed. I felt safe, but I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone by choosing to see everything alone: in Seattle, I usually take a friend with me when I go out. Exploring alone allowed me to prove that I could do such a thing as a woman. And as a person. Being alone is associated with so many negative terms—but it shouldn’t. My time alone allowed me to reflect upon who I am and what my goals are as I simultaneously appreciated the experience of being in Berlin. Being alone is independence. Exploring a city and yourself is independence.”

We hope you are inspired to begin your plans to study abroad! We've almost finished planning our 2016 international programs in Rome, South Africa, South America, Japan, the Netherlands, and Argentina. We also support ad hoc Honors options through UW partnerships in Mexico and Germany. We'll have program descriptions available on our Honors Study Abroad website in the coming weeks, and you can find us at the UW Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, November 10th in the HUB. Start planning early—most applications are due 8-12 months in advance!

Summer 2016 -- Study Abroad in Rome, South Africa, Tanzania, or Peru!

  • Rome, Italy, Summer A term, Honors Interdisciplinary and Honors Humanities, 15 credits in summer. “Rome, Italy: Art, Identity, and Structures of Exchange
  • South Africa, Summer B term, Honors Interdisciplinary and Honors Social Science, 15 total credits with spring prep seminar.  “Bantu Base Afrika: Linguistics and Health” Durban, South Africa with travel to other regions in South Africa
  • Tanzania, Exploration Seminar (Aug-Sept), Honors Interdisciplinary, 5 credits. “Critical Perspectives on Ecotourism in Tanzania
  • Peru, Exploration Seminar (Aug-Sept), Honors Science, 5 credits. “From Andes to Amazon: Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability in Peru
  • Romania and Georgia, Exploration Seminar (Aug-Sept), Honors Interdisciplinary, 5 credits. "Conflicting Currents: Romania and Georgia in a Turbulent Black Sea"

2016-2017 Academic Year

Honors offers several semester or year-long direct exchange opportunities for Honors core credits and departmental credits (per approval):

  • Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan through the Global Leadership Fellows Program. This is a year long exchange, housing in the center of Tokyo is covered. Students pay their regular UW tuition. One year of study is required.
  • Honors College Maastricht and Honors College Utrecht (semester or year long exchanges).
  • San Andres University, Buenos Aires, Argentina (required third year Spanish), semester or year long exchange (limited spots)

Other opportunities recommended (eligible for ad hoc Honors credit)

  • 8 Day Summer Course, “Comparative Urban Planning, Design and Related Urban Issues: Mexico and the U.S.” June 21-June 28, 2016.  Honors ad hoc option  (College of Built Environments)
  • Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, American Studies. Direct exchange, German fluency not required. Semester or year long exchange. Contact International Programs and Exchanges.